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Are You WAY Too Busy, Yet Bored To Tears?

I hear it all the time. 'I am soooo busy, but I'm not doing much that's fun, inspiring or adventurous.'

Are you super busy, yet have an underpinning of boredom or discontent that lingers in the background?



The most happiest, most successful people are highly focused, have clear daily direction, are playful, inspired and adventurous, and they engage in meaningful living, loving and working.

The happiest, most successful people are NOT frantic or irritable, they are not overly busy, they are not burning the candle at both ends, and they are not 'super busy, but totally bored' and they are not lacking in inspiration, energy and adventure!

Where do you fall on the spectrum?

If life isn't a great big ball of fun, the what's the point? If you're not having fun, feeling inspired, getting totally jacked up about life, love and work, then seriously, what re you doing?

It might be time to re-evaluate life.

If you are feeling bored, discontent, uninspired, tired, unfocused, and way too busy, there IS something you can do about it. There are 3 key steps you can take to get started turning things around!

After all, “a bored mind creates drama and problems to solve, just so it can have something interesting to do.” So let's get you going in a direction that IS inspiring, focused, and fun!

I recently began working with a client, a female business owner named Nadia M. who came to me feeling exhausted, working 10 hour days, rarely made time for self- care (healthy eating and fitness) and barely had time to connect in meaningful ways with her family. And when she did spend time with her husband and daughter, she was far less patient and more distracted than she preferred. She was was burning the candle at both ends and was hoping to turn things around.

Together, we made a focused plan to turn her business and personal life around, and within 3 months she was working 7-8 hour days, zero weekends, spending playful and energized time with her family, and even taking time to practice yoga 2 times a week, something she had been wanting to do for years.

People have become exceptional at being over stimulated, but bored to tears! Busy all the time, but rarely focused on strategic initiatives (in business or at home – yes, home too should have a business plan with strategic initiatives that speak to and intentionally grow the health and wealth of your family unit)). You may be running around like a chicken with your head cut off, but not engaging work or life in meaningful, purposeful, or fulfilling or fun and playful ways.

Being successful in life means taking powerful, profound and intentional action!

Let’s consider what a shift in action, awareness and authentic connection could mean...

How about trying 3 ideas to help you ‘reorganize’ life and get you In spired, focused and re-energized?

A Stop Doing List

Creating a “Stop Doing List’ is a great way to gain focus and extra time. For the next 5 days, keep a note pad with you and add items that you WANT to stop doing. At the end of 5 days, you can review the list and place them in 2 categories.

  1. Stop doing because they are not useful, strategic, value-adding, money-making, or fun. And therefore need to be eliminated permanently. Seriously, take a hard look at this list and be very strict with yourself. I promise, you ARE wasting time in life and in business on ‘busy-work’ that produces NO fruit.

  2. Secondly, look for items to delegate or hire out. Find things that your children can take over, hire a part-time home assistant or cleaning service. You might even need to hire a full or part-time employee to begin training to take over need tasks, but that are a POOR use of YOUR time.

This is an invaluable exercise. One that my clients find completely life changing, and so will you. Find more tips like this in my Free 10 Secret Of Wildly Liberated Women here!

Say NO.

It really is as easy as saying no. Saying is something many of clients really struggle with. Pleasing seems to be in their DNA. Yet, to get out of the dole drums of discontent, flexing that NO muscle is paramount to higher achievement, fulfillment and having time to connect in meaningful ways with the ones you love. Try this, for the next 5 days, say no to ABSOLUTELY everything that comes your way. You can always go back and say yes.

But first say no. You might say, “thank you for thinking of me, but my plate is already overflowing at the moment.” This way you will have time to consider if the opportunity (a new client, a social engagement, a project, etc.) truly fits with your career or family strategic initiatives and values. If not, you have NO business saying yes anyway!

GO Out Side & Play For Pete Sake!

While some people spend time outdoors training or working out, rarely is the purpose to out and play or to connect with the life force that moves and creates every living thing, atom and organism.

Playing out doors is a must for fulfilling living. Get yourself outside (even if it’s hot or cold!) to connect with Mother Earth and play like a child. This WILL vanish boredom, lift your spirits, diminish anxiety, depression, upset, or other negativity and leave you feeling calm and energized. Even if for only 5 or 10 minutes, you will feel great and grateful!

So go dig in, or dig in the dirt if that flips your trigger! But add in some outdoor playtime a few times each week and feel the weight of the world melt away.

Come on gang, let’s replace the chronic busyness, complacency, discontent, manic fire-fighting and other yuck with a super, duper, mega, ultra, jazzer-sized FOCUED, MEANINGFUL, AND FUN living!

BONUS: Start EVERY single day with a SHORT list of goals that answers 3 questions:

1) Is this (GOAL/ACTION) the most strategic use of my time?

2) How do I know?

3) What specific result will this goal produce?

This will give your day very clear direction and focus. This is one of the best business practices I do. It keeps me from fire-fighting, working long- directionless hours, or getting lost in numbing out on social media or other droning tasks!

You get one life on this planet, make sure you are proud and excited to look back on it as you near its end!

Cheers to Liberate Living! Shawn


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