“Just Let It Go” …. Is It Really That Easy?

We’ve all heard it and said it? “Hey man, just let it go.” “It’s not about you, just let it go.” “Geez, girl, you can’t keep worrying about that, just let it go.”

Ring a bell?

But is it that simple?

Can we just ‘let something go’ in the any moment we choose? It seems easy enough when people talk about it. I mean, really, it’s just three little words, LET. IT. GO.

The answer, is a resounding and emphatic, YES. You can LEARN to let anything go in any moment you choose. Key word being, LEARN.

BUT, not because someone simply told you to let go, or because you think you ‘should’ let something go. Letting go is a learned skill that requires practice. And practicing in consistent and specific ways is key to your success! Learning to utilize letting go can aid you in very rapid and efficient emotional rebounding, as well as in the elimination of many, or all, negative emotions. Essentially, the more you practice it, the more you will get out of it.

Why would you want to learn to let go of anything in any moment you choose? Simple, to feel good. To be content. To live in peace and harmony.

I’ve been practicing the letting go technique since I was 28. I’m now 45, and practice the technique daily as a form of meditation (I haven’t practiced daily all of those years… but I sure wish I had!) I first stumbled across a version of the letting go technique at 28 in a book that I cannot actually remember the title!

I used to be filled with so much deep rooted anger and resentment that I could spit nails at the drop of a hat! It was very sad and painful, not only for myself, but surely for those around me as well. I grew up in a home where anger and aggression were common place. Multiple generations of anger and anger tactics passed down from generation to generation.

I wanted to STOP that cycle. With all of my heart, I wanted to feel peace and softness, rather than the anger and angst that haunted me. I wanted to stop experiencing road rage; the constant blaming of others for my experience of life situations or results; and to stop feeling so out of control.

I wanted to learn to LET GO, anytime and anywhere I chose. And to a very large degree, I have.

At the time, I was training to become a coach (and a therapist at the time), and I wanted to learn how to profoundly OWN my life, experience, perceptions, results and emotions so that I could share these lessons with others.

There are many lessons and tools that I have learned to utilize on a regular basis over 18+ years of being a life coach, and thus teach. Yet, the most efficient tool thus far is the letting go technique. Letting Go is essentially a pathway to live in a state of surrender and acceptance. Doesn’t that sound amazing and intriguing?