Change Your Life With Sustainable Habits!

"If you have good habits, time becomes your ally and success becomes your constant companion!" I first began "binging" on becoming an expert in creating truly great and sustainable habits 23 (ish) years ago when I decided I would no align with a long-standing limiting belief. What was that limiting belief? 'I am just an athlete, but not very smart." This limiting belief took root in at the ripe old age of 8, when in the second grade I had a teacher point and laugh at me for sharing a, 'wrong answer' to a question. And if that wasn't humiliating enough, the entire class chimed in as well... I wanted to run away crying and never come back.

To this day, this stands as most humiliating moment of my life. But what's more important is that this became a defining moment that set into motion a collection of habits that set me up for nearly two decades of academic and career mediocrity. Until this point in my sweet little 8 year old life, I had had a bit of difficult with reading comprehension, but didn't think all that much of it. And then this dreaded day happened and I remember making the decision, that I was a talented gymnast, but school wasn't my thing because I 'wasn't very smart'. And just like that, a path was set! Until a life-changing day when I was about 27 or so, when I had a moment of profound clarity, and asked myself the question, 'could I become smart?' I figured, maybe I wasn't born smart, but maybe I wasn't dumb either- and just maybe I could learn to be smart... My next question, 'What do smart people do?" My best answer: They read lots of books. So... for the literal first time in my life, I headed to the bookstore to buy and read my first book (and yes, I did make it through grade school, high school, and 3 years of undergrad without ever reading an entire book!). I had no idea what I was looking for, so I wandered around until a book literally fell off the shelf and hit my foot. Susan Jeffers, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway! How is that for instant positive Karma! The Universe certainly has a sense of humor! The joke wasn't lost on me, so I bought the book immediately and headed home to dig in! CHANGE EVERYTHING WITH HABIT-SYSTEMS People ask me all the time how I became so disciplined in my habits and routines. Honestly, I am NOT naturally disciplined. What I am GREAT at, is creating and implementing successful habit-systems. Here are a few areas where habit-systems can totally transform your life! And these are the areas where I see the most opportunities for stress, overwhelm and frustration.

  • Morning routines

  • Trading driving frustration (road rage :)

  • Connecting and communicating with your partner

  • Work habits, productivity, effectiveness

  • Focus

  • Meal time" meal prep, who is responsible for what and when related to meal time

  • Kids: homework, taking and picking up, bed time

  • Evening rituals (going to bed on time, not watching too much TV, etc.)

  • Over-coming bad habits: over-eating, over-working, over-drinking, too much social media, gaming, pornography, or other escapes or ways of numbing out)

  • Food and fitness: sticking to eating plans and fitness plans

Within this list lies a mountain of overwhelm, frustration, conflict and stress! Which ideas on this list rang big bells for you and your life? Most of them? I get it! And you're not alone. MOST people struggle with consistency and feeling like a failure for not maintaining 'good or great' habits in these areas. BUT... creating habit-systems are much easier than people think, they just don't have the right set of tools to make changes or habits sustainable. But when you do have great habits, life runs so smoothly. Habit systems is one of the first things I do with clients, whether they are looking to build a new business, get rid of anxiety or depression, or rehab a marriage. WHY? Because when you have great sustainable habits, you eliminate a HUGE portion of problems in your life. While making space for a ton of peace and happiness, and reclaiming hours upon hours of time! Think about it. If you ditched your top 3 bad habits, and engaged great habits around food, fitness, smooth communication, and joyful or inspiring morning and evening routines... How would your life change? No really, how would your life change? How would great habits in these key areas impact your life, relationships, free time, stress levels, work, health, fitness and CONFIDENCE? Here is how my life changed when I began reading. The new habit-system was this: I began reading for 1 hour, every single day at the exact same time, and just before dinner. What changes:

  • Well... just about everything!

  • I became more confident, and eventually very confident