Want to Eliminate (Not Manage) Anxiety & Stress?

So many of the people I work with as clients, wake up ALREADY OVERWHELMED at the day ahead.

The moment their eyes open, their minds are instantly filled with thoughts of endless todos and feelings of 'I'll never get it all done." Followed by the desire to pull the blankets over their heads and stay in bed all day!

Even if the to do lists are filled with enjoyable purpose-filled tasks, days can still be riddled with anxiety and stress.

Wouldn't you just LOVE to begin waking up feeling calm and ready to hop out of bed with inspiration and boundless energy? Or call upon calm anytime you like?

CALM is available at anytime, with the right tools and perhaps healing. Anyone can learn the skills to eliminate anxiety, and not just the kind you wake up with- but any variety.

I am a firm believer in eliminating obstacles, rather than managing them. This goes for unwanted feelings or experiences related to life, love, work and anything in between. Eliminating, over managing, is not a popular pathway, but it is one that will create actual happiness!

Take Liberated Action! Discipline, Empower Or Mitigate Your Thoughts

The negative thoughts that pop into your head are RARELY reliable, and even less often based on truth.

The vast majority of the thoughts you think today are mirror images, copies, replicas of 'yesterdays' thoughts- with no bearing or validity on 'today'. They really don't even have any useful meaning, just the meaning you decide to assign for the moment or day.

Most of what comes to mind under negative or overwhelming circumstances (negative emotions or feelings) are a result of childhood conditioning, ignorance, negative habits, or a lack of intentional action.

We learn to respond in certain ways, then practice responding to certain types of stimuli in certain ways, then experience specific feelings as a result of these conditioned or programmed patterns.

Here's an example: The habit of blaming.