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Living For Love

Set Yourself Free From the Daily Stress, Worry & Hurry that Wears You Down

by Dr. Shawn Haywood

Now Available!


Do you constantly feel exhausted, short on time, and disconnected from the more joyful and inspiring aspects of life? Give yourself a gift and open this book to learn the most groundbreaking ways to reclaim your time, your heart, and your sanity! Not only do women have more on their plates and are more stressed than ever before, but they are also constantly criticizing themselves for not accomplishing enough each day.

Living For Love walks you through 10 key tools to enable you to eliminate the anxiety, depression, and loneliness women feel daily while teaching you to tap into the happiness, playfulness, and contentment you crave from the inside out. You will learn to powerfully let go of and set yourself free from the overwhelming struggle, disappointment, and frustration of the day-to-day grind.


Through deep devotion and commitment to her evolving spiritual path, author, speaker, and life and relationship coach of 24 years, Dr. Shawn Haywood continues her journey toward increasing unconditional love and joy for the whole of life while teaching her clients to do the same so that their lives, marriages, health, and businesses can thrive in unimaginable ways. Her stories and divinely guided lessons provide a clear framework for releasing the struggle, worry, hurry, and stress that show up in your daily life.

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