Liberate Your PERSONAL Life!

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Hey there lovies... how's life? 


Do you feel good?  Are you happy? 

Honestly, life today has high potential to be overwhelming and kinda lonely. We can get consumed by stress, anxiety, busyness, thinking and various forms of upset.

And then we feel disconnected.

It IS time to take back your time, claim your courage, and find your freedom.

We would LOVE to support you in learning to feel unbridled happiness, connection, calm and love. Here are a few results our clients have reached with our coaching and programs.

  • You can liberate your life from chronic & frustrating  busyness, obligation and strife!

  • Transform stress & anxiety into energy & inspiration.

  • Remove that lingering sense of 'never quite enough' that plagues you at home, in the office & perhaps the spaces in between...​

  • Learn to set rock solid boundaries, say NO with ease, & tackle conflict head on with grace, assertiveness & confidence!

  • Let go of emotional eating, binging, yo-yo dieting, & body image issues once and for all

Here a a few places Dr. Haywood has been featured:

"Working with Shawn has been an eye-opening experience.  Prior to working with her, I felt anxious, and had a hard time committing to ideas, both personally and professionally.  She has helped me become aware and tune into my inner workings. And to understand the impact all the chatter of my ego was having on me, my relationships and overall life.  Especially those pesky limiting belief systems that I was holding onto so tightly. 


I've now noticed i'm more open to the Universe and possibility.  I allow myself to let go of belief systems that do not benefit me or create the outcomes I want to fulfill.  Yes! It is a unique experience that invites greater consciousness of self, relationships and how we show up in life.  I can't begin to explain how working with Shawn has shaped my life, both personally and professionally." 

- Crysten Breita, Financial Consultant, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Maven

Whether you feel: 

  • Run ragged

  • Time starved

  • Stressed to the max

  • Overwhelmed with anxiety

  • Upset, resentful and frustrated 

  • Sick and tired of struggling

  • Or just want to find some inspiration, solace, energy and peace...

We'd like to help.

Private Liberate My Life Coaching with Dr. Haywood is just what you've been looking for. She can help you redefine and redesign your life in ways that truly HONOR and SERVE you, while promoting meaningful contribution, connection, joy, love and wellbeing. YOU CAN Live YOUR version of a Liberated life without sacrificing your emotions, time, health, family or SELF!​ 

Learn About Dr. Haywood

Happy Client


We have hundreds of happy and Liberated raving fans who have been through our Liberate My Life programs.

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