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Lady Business Owners,
Learn to fall in love with every moment of your life & reclaim at least 15- 20 hours each week!
I work with women business owners who wake up already overwhelmed at the day ahead who are ready to ditch the frustration & work 3-4 hour weeks, 2-10x their revenue and crank up their happiness and inner peace in unimaginable ways! 

You can become really HAPPY and PEACEFUL on the inside (and not just wear a 'happy mask'), own a GREAT company that doesn't take over your whole life or stress you out, be filled with ENERGY, and feel totally on the SAME PAGE with their partner and be totally inspired to leap out of bed in the morning!
Here a a few places Dr. Haywood has been featured for keynote talks:
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Calling you strong, bad- ass, soulful, over-achieving, go-getters... who are burning the candle at both ends. You have a fantastic type of magnetic confidence and power, yet, deep down feel a push and pull struggle with time, energy, mood, career, family and loneliness (even if you are rarely alone). 
You are likely way too busy & stuck in your head. Perfectionistic to a degree that is unhealthy (yes, it really does get in your way), anxious, control-freak-ish (eek) & often feel isolated. (Yes rock star, you've been called out!)

You're also completely AMAZING and you COULD feel AMAZING all day, every day... Wouldn't you LOVE to be LIBERATED from some (or all) of the yucky crap that seems to be in your way.
(Psst, that's where we come in!) 
You can SLOW down, close your laptop GUILT FREE after a wildly productive 6 hour work day (yes, 6 hours!), add MEANING and FULFILLMENT, grow COURAGE, have a TRULY MAGICAL relationship, feel deeply CONNECTED, wake up RELAXED and INSPIRED, ... all while ACHIEVING at even HIGHER LEVELS. 

After all, HOW LONG DO YOU WANT TO STAY STUCK? Do you want to continue to feel time crunched, stressed, frustrated, stuck overwhelmed, frustrated or alone?
AND, I PROMISE, removing the gunk will not make you lose the edge that makes you GREAT (you will actually become monumentally more powerful)! 
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