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Nikki Semanchik Business Attorney

"Thanks to Shawn I finally hired an employee and got serious about goal setting which has resulted in my monthly revenue increasing drastically!


I decided to hire Shawn as my business coach at a pivotal time in my business; I was one year in and realized it was time to get serious about intentionally and strategically growing my business. Hiring Shawn was an investment that I knew I needed to make to grow my business. Shawn was there to guide and often push me forward in all aspects of running a business.


It's not always easy to be vulnerable and open about your business and personal insecurities. As a business lawyer who helps other business owners, I understand that owning a business forces you to do a lot of inner work on yourself to be successful. I can't think of anyone who is better suited to coach you through the emotional, physical and psychological challenges of entrepreneurship. Shawn truly is a guiding light and I am so grateful that I found her. 


I can't tell you how much you helped me! I hope you and your husband are enjoying your new nomad life! You are doing a great job and I really appreciate you!" 

- Nikki Semanchik, Business Attorney

Monica Shah Founder of Revenue Breakthrough Business Coach

Shawn is simply brilliant. Within 5 minutes of being on the call, my husband said, "Man she knows her stuff, glad we are here!”.  We learned how to come together behind a unified vision and to follow something better in our relationship then, “he’s right/she’s right”.  Shawn’s work is nothing short of a necessity for all couples.  I know that I’m trying to get every couple I know into her classes.  This material should be mandatory.  It’s way better than couples therapy or retreats because it goes under the surface into principles that really work.  


- Monica Shah, Founder of  Revenue Breakthrough, Business Coach

Sarah King Licensed Acupuncturist Pilates Instructor & ELDOA Trainer

"Before working with Shawn I had difficulties setting boundaries with contract employers, honoring my self-care plans,  and had issues surrounding self-promotion and marketing. After the initial consultation with Shawn I had a big cry because I realized I'd been desperately in need of this sort of coaching for years. 


Shawn's advocacy and guidance have resulted in clearer decision making and boundary setting, less shame related to self-promotion and marketing, reduced anxiety and an increased level of trust and confidence in myself that I will continue to operate from a place of self care going forward. 


I appreciate Shawn's enthusiasm, sincerity and ability to meet me where I am at and provide appropriate guidance.  Most importantly, I was able to develop trust in the therapeutic relationship very quickly, allowing me to feel comfortable getting out of my comfort zone and make helpful changes in my personal and professional life."

- Sarah King, Licensed Acupuncturist, Pilates Instructor & ELDOA Trainer -

Tracy Mitzer

"My husband and I have been married for 13 years. We both had been feeling like we were in a slump in our relationship. We were bickering about minor things and resentment had built up over the years. Typical conflicts – disagreements about parenting, housekeeping, etc. What we agreed on was that we both still loved each other and we deserved, and had the potential for, a healthier and more loving day to day relationship. 


I had worked with Shawn for starting a consulting business and had a great outcome from her professional coaching – I was able to get my business going and have fun doing it (whereas I was making very little progress on my own and it was a painful process).


I suggested to my husband that we do a couples retreat with Shawn and he agreed. I’m sure he was reluctant; he’d never done any type of counseling or coaching before and I think the unknown was a bit intimidating. 


Shawn banished any of his concerns immediately. She’s warm and down to earth, and she made each of us feel heard and supported. Very quickly she was able to pin point some of the triggers for our conflicts and a lot of inaccurate stories we had developed about each other that were causing a lot of our conflicts. 


She helped us develop new skills and processes that we have been able to put into practice (easily) to avoid conflict and have more fun together.  It’s amazing how much more love we feel for each other without those distracting arguments! 


A bonus outcome from our work with Shawn is that she helped us develop plans and processes for making our whole family run better and for teaching our kids skills to improve their relationships and emotional health. 


This was a life changing experience and we are so grateful!!!! Thank you, Shawn!"


- Tracy Mitzer & Jerry Hart, Business Owners

Crysten Breita Financial Consultant

"Working with Shawn has been an eye-opening experience.  Prior to working with her, I felt anxious, and had a hard time committing to ideas, both personally and professionally.  She has helped me become aware and tune into my inner workings. And to understand the impact all the chatter of my ego was having on me, my relationships and overall life.  Especially those pesky limiting belief systems that I was holding onto so tightly. 


I've now noticed i'm more open to the Universe and possibility.  I allow myself to let go of belief systems that do not benefit me or create the outcomes I want to fulfill.  Yes! It is a unique experience that invites greater consciousness of self, relationships and how we show up in life.  I can't begin to explain how working with Shawn has shaped my life, both personally and professionally." 

Crysten Breita, Financial Consultant, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Maven

Erika Owner Hawkins & Clover Salon 

"Working with Shawn has changed my life, both personally and professionally. I'm a small business owner with big dreams, and until I met Shawn I always struggled with sticking with a plan to execute them. I've spent time in talk therapy and realize now that where that fell short, Shawn's approach accelerated me. I can't describe how beneficial having a clear cut plan of attack combined with the accountability of working with Shawn has changed my entire outlook on life and what I can create. If you're ready to change your life, Shawn is the woman to help you do it."

-- Erika, Owner, Hawkins & Clover Salon 

Jenny Gerstenzang Attorney Gerstenzang Law

I am so grateful I found Shawn.  She came highly recommended by a close friend.  I was hesitant at first about spending extra money on a business coach when starting my law firm. I soon realized that not hiring her was what I could not afford!


Shawn is exceptional at guiding you with kindness and clarity.  She gives expert advice in a supportive and meaningful manner.  She clearly crafts her suggestions around your individual needs and personality.  In addition to being extremely skilled, she also quickly becomes a friend who shares in your successes and helps you navigate any challenges.  She makes it so easy to work with her by allowing you to access her via e-mail or phone.  Her advice focuses on your present questions and hurdles while also keeping your long-term goals in mind.  

She has given me several "aha" moments that have forever changed the way I operate my business and my life in general.  I am a happier, more confident and more successful person because of her!

-- Jenny Gerstenzang, Attorney, Gerstenzang Law:

– Jennifer Pete Co-Founder Sling Shop Zifty Forbes Top Women Owned Business 2016

“Shawn is like no person I have ever met or worked with. Part of her genius is her ability to hone in on complicated situations with amazing insight and questions that elicit clarity and action  When I hired Shawn, I wanted to shift my life so there was no more split focus between personal and professional. She helped open me up to amazing opportunities, and to become less fearful of the unknown in all of the compartments of my life. I think anyone who deals with complexities and leadership challenges would greatly benefit from working with Shawn. I most certainly did!”

– Jennifer Pete, Co-Founder SlingShop, Forbes Top Women Owned Business, 2016

Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards PT, DPT, OCS, Owner of Precision Performance Atlanta

"Since working with Shawn I have re-invented my life to be the one I want to live. I am learning everyday that the story we tell ourselves is not who we are and we can change our story at any time. I came to realize that I was the only person in the way of my dreams.


The moment I realized that perfection is unnecessary, I was no longer paralyzed with fear of failure.  What seemed “crazy and impossible” became possible, and then became my reality. Shawn has literally changed my life for the better in so many ways.  She came to me when I was literally crumbling and has helped me to find peace and happiness that I didn’t know I could.”

-- Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards PT, DPT, OCS, Owner of Precision Performance Atlanta

Parker Wallace Parker's Plate

"... After working with Dr. Shawn Haywood, my business is has grown by many tens of thousands...

Shawn has a completely transformed my emotional life, love life and business life!! I now have the confidence to tackle any challenge. And the ability to speak my mind, say no, and set iron clad boundaries. Shawn's ability to create realistic and approachable strategies to changing your life, your relationships and your business are unlike anything I've ever encountered. She has incredible energy and passion for what she does and for the people she works with. Hire her. It’s the best decision I made, and it will be yours too!" 

-Parker Wallace, On-Air Host/Producer, Business Maven

Brian Edwards

"Just 4 years back my wife was diagnosed with a genetic heart condition that forced her to give up running, the one thing she absolutely loved. It was a defining moment for our marriage because as a husband I enjoyed being a participant as well as just celebrating Kate's accomplishments. During this time, we both worked, which forced us to juggle schedules between work and being good parents to our 1 year old and this sudden change in circumstance showed us we needed help. Shawn was instrumental in opening our minds to new possibilities at a time when all of our current possibilities were being torn down. For Kate this meant opening up a new PT practice. For myself, it meant finding a deeper connection with who I am and the work that I want to do everyday. In couples coaching sessions, Shawn offered great feedback to help Kate and I get around basic human challenges (male / female stereotypes, personal egos, etc.), and improve our relationship. In my career Shawn enabled me to get more comfortable honoring myself, setting boundaries between work and family, and relentlessly pursuing a better self. Kate has gone on to start her own PT practice, write 2 books, and passionately pursue her career. Don't worry, now 5, Andy's indomitable spirit keeps us on our toes and he clearly vocalizes when / if he feels like he's not getting enough of our time. I'm grateful to Shawn for her frank feedback, approaches to self-realization, and continued enthusiasm in our coaching sessions.  


- Brian Edwards

Maureen Carroll, Principal at Creature, LLC

"Shawn has the uncanny ability to get to the heart of the issue by asking the right questions and listening openly to the answers. She helps her clients gain insights about themselves and their situations, and then works with them to develop actionable plans that deliver results. All with a positive attitude and humor that energizes the people around her!"

- Maureen Carroll, Principal at Creature, LLC

Eulonda Skyles, Counsel at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe 

"Working with Shawn has changed my life, both personally and professionally. I'm a small business owner with big dreams, and until I met Shawn I always struggled with sticking with a plan to execute them. I've spent time in talk therapy and realize now that where that fell short, Shawn's approach accelerated me. I can't describe how beneficial having a clear cut plan of attack combined with the accountability of working with Shawn has changed my entire outlook on life and what I can create. If you're ready to change your life, Shawn is the woman to help you do it."


"Shawn is the superlative, consummate professional coach and business consultant that you’ve always dreamed of. She’s gets down to brass tacks and helps propel you towards business goals and professional achievements, while recognizing that work-life balance is a critical component of “success.” Don’t think for one minute that Shawn is going to waste your time and ply you with a bunch of psych jargon or busywork. She’s focused on helping you achieve immediate and tangible results. In doing so, she never loses sight of who you truly are as a person. She has a true gift of intuition, and can often discern the things you haven’t said, to identify roadblocks that you may not even recognize. Hire this gifted, talented woman if you want to soar professionally and personally. I can’t recommend her enough."

- Eulonda Skyles, Counsel at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe 

Ashley Bouldin

"The areas in which she’s coached and improve my life include (but are not necessarily limited to) love, spirituality, relationships, family, grief, career and emotional stability. I highly recommend Shawn if you are in need of insight and support in any of the areas mentioned above. Your life path is waiting!

Shawn has an amazing ability to empower you even in the toughest times. She not only provides incredibly simple and insightful advice, she works with you (incredibly patiently) to uncover your life path. She does not tell you what it should be, but rather lets you guide the way via your own process and provides incredibly positive encouragement and motivation along the way.

After various attempts at traditional “therapy” I hired Dr. Haywood as a grief counselor in the fall of 2012 after the loss of a parent. Since then, Shawn has become so much more than a grief counselor. She not only provided amazing support and nourishment I needed throughout the long and grueling grieving process, she has been instrumental in helping me take that process and transform my outlook on and approach to life."

- Ashley Bouldin, Engagement Planning Director at The Food Grou

Cheryl MarksYoung

"Dr. Shawn Haywood is an amazing energetic and creative problem solver. She has a unique blend of skills that allow for the generation of creative solutions. Creative problem solving is a critical success factor in today's ever changing and ever challenging environment. Shawn brings value to every interaction, whether in person or through social media. SHe is an amazing wealth of knowledge and a terrific role model for living your best life."

- Cheryl MarksYoung, Chief Financial Officer Easter Seals

Gretchen Fuller President at Warner Fuller Consulting LL

"Dr. Shawn has been a Mentor for several years now at a distance. Meaning, although we do not see or talk to each other every week, month or even every year. I can always reach out to her and seek advice on how to move forward in difficult or challenging obstacles in my business. She is skilled at asking those probing questions that force you to focus on the root of any situation or opportunities and guides you in determining solutions. She has a way of being a true valued partner in your business and its success. I not only consider her a Business Advisor but a true Business Partner."

- Gretchen Fuller, President at Warner Fuller Consulting, LL

Jessica Caballero, Realtor, Berkshire

"Dr. Haywood has been helping me since 2012 when I first trained for my first triathlon. She's provided me with guidance with my new business and personally has given me the tools to approach things in my personal life differently.

Shawn is not only a fantastic coach that I have come to know and trust...she inspires me with her approach to life. Talking to Shawn is a treat for me and i always know that she is going to teach me something new."

- Jessica Caballero, Realtor, Berkshire

PhD Student Kelly Michaelis

"Shawn has been a invaluable resource over the course of our relationship. Her insight has given me a grounded, loving perspective that has been crucial in my efforts to be both the person and partner I want to be. With her help we are learning to balance self-care, independence and partnership, while creating the healthy, joyful relationship we desire."

-- PhD Student- Kelly Michaelis

Brian Trow Co-owner Of Foundations, LLC Featured on 5 Seasons of A&E’s Flip This House

"In any good business, communication and clear direction is critical. Dr. Shawn’s assistance has helped take our company to new heights and growth. I whole-heartedly recommend any business owner looking for a competitive edge, seeking better leadership or personal development to hire Dr. Shawn. Thank you for everything!"

-- Brian Trow, Co-owner Of Foundations, LLC Featured on 5 Seasons of A&E’s 'Flip This House'

Stephanie R. Amlung

"Shawn coached me to become a strong and empowering leader. Our coaching has been highly productive for myself and Hill-Rom. She has an uncanny ability to make sense of difficult situations (personally and professionally), making them simple to navigate. Through this process, my career, team and life has been catapulted forward! It’s so exciting!"

- Stephanie R. Amlung, Ph.D, Director of Science and Applied Research, Hill-Rom Co, Inc.

Jennifer Vardaman

"I found myself to be in a very unhappy place in my life. My self confidence was at an all time low. Reaching out to Shawn was the best thing I ever did for myself. With her guidance and encouragement, I learned how to focus on my own needs and desires for the first time in my life and I am learning to honor myself. I have never felt so confident and truly happy! Thanks so much Dr. Haywood!"

- Jennifer Vardaman

Bill O’Neil, Chairman WE O’Neil Construction

"Dr. Haywood is the best coach we’ve worked with. The results produced are unmatched and invaluable. She has provided executive coaching, retreats and workshops for our top executives, management teams and shareholders; and with inspiring results, direction and focus. If you want raised productivity, effectiveness and higher profitability, hire Dr. Haywood!"

- Bill O’Neil, Chairman, WE O’Neil Construction

Marianne Carlina Fine Artist

"I started this process with Shawn with a little trepidation. I had never worked with a Life Coach before and wasn't sure what to expect. I very quickly came to find that Shawn is one of the kindest, warmest, most intuitive women I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know and work with. She has made this process of getting in touch with what I truly want, with complete authenticity and openness, an absolute pleasure. She helps me to focus and outline clear guidelines, never with judgement, always with an open heart and mind. I am loving every emotional moment of this life changing process and I can honestly say she is making my realizations much clearer and easier than I ever thought they could be. Not that it's easy, it's work. But isn't anything worth having? It just makes it pleasurable and joyful to go through it with someone so smart,  generous and kind. 

- Marianne Carlina, Fine Artist, Painter & Hair Styling Maven

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