Number ONE Secret To A Conflict FREE Relationship

If you knew the old me… boy oh boy, you might gasp! She was a real handful… (Blush). I used to engage in every kind of relationship (and life) conflict and drama available. I was jealous, uptight, controlling, naggy, blaming, anxious, irritable, frustrated, kind of mean (gulp), manipulative (double gulp), resentful, judgmental, easily offended and seriously angry. (Maybe you can relate to some of these issues?)

Not a super recipe for navigating a peaceful, conflict free relationship or much, if any, inner emotional wellbeing.

Fast forward to todays' version love (and life)...

It’s nothing short of magic and miracles. I honestly had no idea the love, connection, and joy that could fill a marriage.

At least 90 percent of the time I feel consumed with love, joy and peace. Even my thoughts are of love, joy and peace!

Yes, really.

My thoughts are either quiet or empowering the vast majority of the time. Which is a gift beyond measure in comparison to where I was 18 years ago. I used to be a professional in the art of self-loathing, self-criticism, and self-betrayal.

Interestingly, without engaging in healing work, the average person is (and remains) consumed with negativity approximately 80 percent of each waking hour. That means about 50 out of every 60 minute cycle is consumed with stress, worry, upset, overwhelm, anger, irritation, frustration, resentment, loneliness, judgement, gossip, complaining, making excuses, and BLAMING - the root of most of this negativity.

Interestingly, people frequently don’t believe that Chris and I actually have a conflict free marriage. And I must say, I do understand their skepticism. After all, If I didn’t live it, I’d have some questions myself!

Alas, our relationship is indeed a conflict free zone and we live virtually drama-free, inspired lives.

And yes, there is still PLENTY of passion! Haha! I can put your worries to rest about the whole fallacy regarding, “how can there be passion without fighting or conflict?” There can be plenty of passion without fighting and conflict (more so in our case!!).

Are you READY for the SECRET to a conflict free relationship (and Life)?

The secret is taking 100% self responsibility for YOUR experience of life.