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What Would You Change About Your Life?

What do you completely love about your life and lifestyle, and what would you change if you believed you could?

In our youth, we tend to succumb to societal norms and pressures when we go along with the crowd. We are swept up in the current and would be remiss to swim upstream. So we graduate, go to college, get a job, get married, buy a house, raise a family…

The ones who dare to deviate from this path can be outcast by friends, family and society. Outliers are often labeled as odd or weird and they often feel misunderstood.

When adults ask children what they want to be when they grow up, they are talking about a career path and almost never a lifestyle.


What if we approached our life goals in a different way?

We don’t have to do what the world and others think we should do!

We are gosh dang grown ups and can actually make up our own minds about what we want and how we want to live!


Liberate My Life is all about looking at your lifestyle, making powerful changes, capitalizing on what is working great, and creating a life that you absolutely love and adore.

You may ask yourself questions like…

  • What do I want my days to look like?

  • What dreams have I stuffed in the back of the top shelf in the closet?

  • Where would I enjoy living?

  • Do I like cities, farms, beaches, mountains, or lakes?

  • What activities am I interested in, but haven't given the time to cultivate?

  • What sort of things steal my precious time and make it harder to live life on my terms?

  • Do I want to travel? And where?

  • What material things do I require for to live comfortably? What things (mental, emotional or physical) are cluttering up my life and need to be purged?

  • What does success look and feel like to me?

  • What are my passions and inspirations?

  • In what areas do I excel?

Perhaps if we all began with these things in mind, we would be making better life choices to support the lifestyle that we desire.

This is different from the lottery question. You know the one… What would you do if you won the lottery?

For some, it could mean total financial freedom to live a decadent life, to another it could be starting a nonprofit and investing your fortune that way.

Within that fantasy lies some truth to how you really want to live.

One of my nieces is currently in college. Her mom will periodically ask her about her future. T

This annoys my niece sometimes because her mom is really trying to ask her about her career choice-- to which she simply has no idea yet!

"What do I want to be when I grow up", is a centuries old question that often feels like insurmountable pressure.

What my niece WANTS to discuss is what she wants her life to look like!

She is choosing to buck societal norms and ask the more pertinent questions about her future.

It makes her parents a little nervous for sure, but they know finding her own path is vital to her sustained happiness.

Also, she is her own woman with her own hopes and dreams! The world is her oyster!! I encourage her to go out and get it- just like I do with my clients or anyone else and at ANY age!

The point: don’t get bogged down by “shoulds”, "have tos" or others' expectations!

Just because you have been down one path for awhile, doesn’t mean you can’t pause and make adjustments to fit what you want to do now.

Many of my clients have been loving working from home over these last few months because they have so much more time to be with their loved ones.

And MANY are now seeking a lifestyle, career or career pivot that reflects the shift in their values and focus.

For those who know me, I have always been sort of a gypsy if you will.

I seek a life filled with travel and adventure! I chose a career that didn’t put me in a ‘9 to 5' traditional workplace, because that didn't fit well for me.

I wanted the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and with hours that I chose (not chosen for me), and I wanted a life and heart-centered work that was inspiring and inspired- which happens effortlessly when I spend as much time and Chris and I do in nature and connecting with the Divine!

For me, that has led to a lifestyle choice of traveling in an Airstream with my husband and pups. My career as a Life, Business & Relationship Coach allows me to work from anywhere that has wifi and cell service! And working with and adoring each and every client is true BLISS!

This is my version of Liberated Living!

What does your version of Liberated Living look like?

I'd love to support you in this journey! I can help you unlock your desired lifestyle and help you get to a place where you are truly living your PERFECT version of a liberated life!

Your Living Free Ambassador,

Dr. Shawn Haywood

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