One BIG Reason Diets Fail

How’s your New Year’s Resolution Diet treating you? Has a girl’s night out turned into a 3-day diet hiatus, with a promise of ‘I’ll start again on Monday?’ Perhaps a nice juicy burger, bacon, and beer binge has found you? Or maybe by now you’ve totally fallen off the New Year’s diet train?

End of February is about the time where 85% + dieters have ‘fallen off the wagon’, and hopes of losing that holiday weight are sadly waning.

I know, it totally stinks

All things diet, body image, and weight loss are extremely personal to me. I struggled for over 15 years as a food addict and in a variety of expressions. I could binge and deprive with the best of you. And I could over-exercise like a maniac! But even worse than destructive eating and exercising habits that were extremely hard on my physical body, dieting (and all that accompanies it), served as an outlet for deep heart ache.

Have you heard the idea of ‘Self Protection?’

Here’s a clue, those who lack self protection skills typically have a very difficult time living a healthy and calm relationship with food, body image, and body movement. As well as share in the deep heart ache.

Most people think that a failure to maintain a diet has to do with a lack of ‘will power’. BUT, nothing could be farther from the truth. Let me say it again, will power has noting to do with failing diets, over eating, binge eating, or emotional eating. This is the most commonly embraced diet-related myth!

One major reasons that diets fail is because we lack self protection skills. Fortunately, anyone can learn to self-protect.

Self protection skills are practices like:

  • Setting boundaries

  • Telling your truth (being vulnerable) when it is difficult

  • Selecting the people, experiences and career you want in your life (rather than just ‘keeping what you get’)

  • Ditching drama and drama stories

  • And then promoting healthy living and healthy habits, instead of numbing with food (or drink, alcohol, shopping, or whatever your drugs of choice might be)

There is an intimate tie between self protection skills and your ability to lose weight, and KEEP it off permanently without dieting.

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A lack of self protection skills leads people to literally ‘eat’ their emotions instead of handling and expressing them. Habits like emotional eating, over eating, anxiety eating, and depression eating, with possible bouts of deprivation eating (periods of withholding food) occur in the place of solid self protection skills.

When you hold your tongue, you open your mouth!

There are multiple reasons we may ‘feed our emotions’. Ultimately, we ‘eat more because we feel less’. We feel not-enough in some way. People literally ‘feed’ inner sadness, heartache, anger, loneliness, anxiety, resentment, rejection, abandonment, and feelings of unworthiness, unimportance, and not-enough-ness, when self protection is neglected.