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6 Unexpected Lessons From The Road

When Chris and I decided to sell our belongings, purchase an Airstream, and hit the open road a year ago, I never could have imagined just how extraordinary the journey would be.

It literally took us six weeks from "idea" to moving into our Airstream. Beyond the huge life purge of more than 95% of our possessions, there was definitely some concern about the "unknown": What if Chris didn't get enough work as a freelancer? What if we got home sick? What about the periods where one of us would be traveling for work? What if we got sick of each other?

Fortunately, all of our concerns have been put to rest... at least for now! Aside from having the above questions answered in beautiful ways, we have also learned some unexpected, but profound and wonderful lessons as a result of being on the road.


Who knew how brilliant it would be to have such a calm life. Sitting outdoors in our lawn chairs holding hands or eating dinner while watching sunset after sunset in a new gorgeous place literally never gets old. Not having somewhere to go, someone to meet for dinner, or something to do 7 days a week is a gift beyond measure. Our quiet, but wildly passionate and adventurous life is just perfect for us.


We were concerned that we would be homesick. While we certainly miss our friends and family at times, we have fallen into a fabulous community. Who knew there were so many full time RVers out here? Friends and community seem to just appear. We have made numerous friendships with great people that we totally connect with on the road. It's an "unconventional" lifestyle, but for us it's our dream come true!


Ok, this is going to sound like a fairy tale, or maybe even a fib to those of you who shudder at the thought of spending 24/7 with your partner! But, we totally ADORE the time we share and wish a journey like this for every couple! We grow more love, passion and connection every day. The level of trust, vulnerability and intimacy that has been cultivated between Chris and I is already beyond my wildest imagination. And that's happening in a 187 square foot living space!


I was a bit concerned that I would miss my "stuff" (especially my wardrobe and kitchen gadgets!) But the truth is, we still have too much stuff and continue to give things away. The less we have, the less we need. This too is a freedom I could have never imagined until actually living it. And though I still love to put on my high heels occasionally,­ I live in yoga pants and tank tops­ and rarely apply makeup­- I can't lie, it's pretty bomb!


Our life on the road is essentially completely free of drama and gossip. We just don't spend time with people who are into that anymore. It's a beautiful and welcomed liberation! What more needs to be said...


I have always been a tree­ climbing lover of nature. But the degree to which we are fortunate to commune with nature and see truly extraordinary sights week after week is another gift far beyond my mind's eye. Nature not only keeps our spirits invigorated, it now fully powers our Airstream through the use of solar panels! Follow our journey on Instagram: @liberatemylife and @thetravelinghaywoods (personal Instagram). Struggles? Sure, we have had some struggles. Getting on a work and travel schedule that functions well, having a window fly off of our Airstream while trekking down the highway at 70 mph, getting our rig stuck in muddy campgrounds, PMS, working to become pregnant, and learning how to market my business 100% virtually ... (all great lessons as well). But we have not encountered anything that we cannot find solutions for or that interrupt our bliss for long. Practicing life one moment at a time and committing (or recommitting) to being in the present moment have been useful tools for our happiness and success. I'm sure more challenges are ahead, but I know we are in for thousands more magical experiences too. We also have the kind of deep connection that helps us move to each next part of our journey together and strong. Cheers to living free, whatever your version!

Cheers to Liberate Living! Shawn

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