Grow Your Courage!

Let’s talk courage... gusto, grit, risk, bold action, guts!

Here's a big harry audacious question for you: Do you have the GUTS to live YOUR life EXACTLY the way YOU want?

Do you have the guts to speak your mind boldly (and kindly) regardless of fear of disappointing or losing approval, or in spite of fearing conflict? Do you have the courage to make unpopular choices? Do you have the tenacity to set iron clad boundaries, to say NO to unwanted obligations, projects or tasks when they do not serve your highest good, the highest good of your family, or because you just plain don’t wanna? Do you have the courage to live YOUR life on YOUR terms, with YOUR deliberately crafted definitions of success, values, love, being, feeling, connecting, and working regardless of what others do, think, or say or how they might choose to judge you?

Or might you need to grow your courage a bit!?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if, on a moment's notice, we could call for take out, and order a very large slice of courage to take a big scary risk; a side of guts to speak our mind in total truth and love, and a tall glass of tenacity to rock your own socks off in life, love, adventure… and…?

I’m not implying that you don’t already have guts, courage or tenacity currently, no doubt you do. But, I am talking about next, next, next level courage. The type of courage that defines you and separates you from the pack.

I’m inviting you to live your BIGGEST, brightest, most courageous life. Why? Because it is awesome!

Here are a couple of examples of ongoing, real life courage stretching for me.

1) Sharing love and having loving discussions when I completely and utterly disagree with another person about very personal issues (religion, politics, etc). And to seek to understand and validate, instead of getting pissy, shutting down, or bullying. It is all too easy to have loving discussions with people whom I agree with and share common values. It is quite another, when there is 'mis-alignment'! This is an ongoing practice for meI get better and better, and still have a ways to go! It requires ongoing courage for me to practice engaging deeply, lovingly and meaningfully, especially when I fail, get upset, or bow out because it got 'too' tough for my comfort level.

2) Another example of where I continue to grow my courage muscle is in business. Specifically with learning to market retreats. I continue to learn more and more about how to market retreats -- because so many have failed to completely fill! A great love of mine is bringing women together for amazing transformational experiences and because the benefits are so profound and my heart sings so loudly in this setting, I continue to step out in courage, and try again and again! I am improving, that's for sure, but I also fail a good bit of the time! And if you are anything like me, the idea of failing totally sucks!

I have also had the guts to redefine the entire concept of failure. I have removed all layers and strands of its heavy connotation. Now, failure to me is synonymous with 'learning and expanding'. Because of this courageous action in redefining of the concept of failure, when things don't go as planned, my continued perseverance and emotions do not crumble and I can remain steadfast in my goals.

Living life to the absolute fullest includes, not only the guts to take risks and go big, but the courage to do the work to heal old wounds; shift beliefs, open your heart when it is difficult; to insist on being completely authentic no matter if or when others are looking; to learn to listen intently to your heart; to act on your heart’s beautiful inner guidance; and to uncover and remove the limiting beliefs that hold you back from your best life and emotional wellness.

Guts rise up in a variety of shapes and sizes, but practicing ‘next level’ courage is a defining factor in people who are (or want to be) profoundly rooted in the top layer of success, peace, love and joy.

So, what kind of COURAGE does it take to create the life of your dreams and to cultivate an ongoing inner space of success, peace, love and joy? Here are a few ideas to mull around. Each of these requires courage, and when acted upon, embodies a dazzling impact on all facets of life!

Liberated Lesson #1: Heal Old Wounds- Diving into the process of healing old or current wounds and pain is not for the faint of heart. Embracing healing definitely requires courage… but, only in the beginning. Once you begin, the process unfolds in a fairly fluid way.