The Doldrums of Discontent

How frequently do you feel like a version of an ‘Alive Walking Dead’?

Is your head buried in your phone, computer, or even in your own thoughts more often than you'd like? Has social media, gaming (phone or console), text, email, surfing porn, internet shopping or other technology taken over more than 1-2 hours of each day?

If you'e said yes, and your job is NOT some kind of cool researcher, then Houston, we have a problem! My guess: You fallen into habits that lead to serious discontent.

In our new society of almost constant technology ADHD distraction and binging has become the social norm, while at the same time, a serious diminishment of play, fun, adventure and free-spiritedness has fallen away- serious discontent has emerged.

We've become exceptional escape artists- trading genuine connection and engagement for technological vices, replacements of active and joyful living. Thus, numbing ourselves to the point of boredom and discontent. We've traded interesting or profound conversation for flip email, social media or texting interactions, and afternoon naps (which actually serves your mind and body), for telephone solitaire.

So what gives?

When was literally the last time you stopped to smell a flower? Or, if flower sniffing isn’t your thing, when was the last time you laid out doors to watch shapes form in the clouds, or become engulfed in the swaying and singing of overhead tree tops, or how about the last time you took a long leisurely stroll intended to relax and breathe…?

… stop reading for a moment, and respond to this question honestly…

When was the last time you relaxed completely (without a nagging voice telling you what you should be doing or what you haven't done yet)? Engulfed yourself in nature or in a great and inspiring conversation, or even lost yourself in your favorite energizing hobby or work?

"When was the last time you were truly Inspired?"

If today or yesterday, or at the very least, over the past week isn’t your response, you likely fall into one or more of the following categories or life situations:

  • Tired / fatigue

  • Restless

  • Poor sleep

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Sadness

  • Loneliness

  • Frustration

  • Resentment

  • Poor or inconsistent eating habits