The Illusion of ‘Work-Life’ Balance

The notion and desire of work-life balance is an interesting one, and a bit misleading as well. What people actually mean when they report needing, ‘more work-life balance’, is really, that they work too damn much! And are usually far too busy outside of work as well.

Truly, what has happened to backyard BBQs, leisurely picnics, lazing about reading in a hammock, or simply sitting still for 15 minutes doing, the most dastardly thing of all, nothing!!

Americans have lost their marbles with our complete addiction to being busy. This newest form of addiction (busyness) is certainly not evolving without consequences.

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For one, it promotes other addictions. Eating (shoveling low nutrition, and high fat, sugar or grain foods down our gullets, often without even bothering to chew!), alcohol (to calm us down and cope with a frantic existence!), shopping (to escape and feel valuable, albeit briefly), and the often inevitable sleep, pain, and anxiety medications (to numb difficult or overwhelming feelings, and a hope to get some much needed rest).

This isn’t to say that medications are all bad, although most of my clients are able to joyfully say good-bye to most medications in a matter of just a few months.

But what about the alcohol and food issues? Well, of course this is ravaging bodies and brains at an alarming rate! Check out this blog for more information on how a frantic lifestyle specifically affects your brain, body, emotions and spirit: Your Life... A Run-A-Way Freight Train? Or A Gentle Zen Garden?

Here’s what people ACTUALLY mean when they talk about a desire for ‘work-life balance’.

Meaning. Significance. Slowing Down.


When our life is rooted in deep meaning, life feels joyful and balanced. In order to be our best, most amaz-balls self, we need meaningful work, connections, hobbies (creativity), and play!

What does your level of meaning look like in each of these areas. Rate yourself from 1-10. One equating to zero meaning, and 10 equally more meaning and fulfillment than you could possibly imagine!

  • Career __________

  • Relationships with partner, friends, co-workers __________

  • Hobbies (creativity) __________

  • Play __________

Where could you use a boost in adding more of a sense of meaning in your life? How will you achieve that over the next 30 days?


Significance is all about gorgeous feeling. Feeling useful, productive and as if you are making a lovely impact on, and contribution to, the world!