5 Ways To ‘DO’ LESS & Succeed MORE

We DO too much.

We all know it’s true. Yet we continue to sign up for the ‘go-go-go, work-work-work, more-more-more’ pseudo game of life with little questioning anyway. And even when we’re not on the go, striving to mark things off of the endless to do list, training, shuffling kids, or working, we’re often stressing or worrying about what we aren't getting done, wish we could have or longing for a moment of down time!

It’s gotten kinda crazy and out of hand, hasn't it?

Or maybe insanely out of hand!

Here's what’s totally cool though. You can DO less and BE more successful. I coach people who love to ‘buck’ the system. You know, the people who are really intelligent, innovative, high-achieving go-getters who, quite frankly, are ready to be done with the craziness and struggle! There is a growing number of Americans who deeply desire greater success and a whole lot more Zen.

For over 16 years, I’ve been teaching executives, athletes and business owners to ‘re-arrange’ and intentionally design life and business to be what she CHOOSES. And with all the success and fulfillment a person could hope for.

For example, Jennifer Pete’, co-Founder of Zifty & SlingShop, and one of the Forbes top women owned businesses of 2016, Alexis Underwood, GP executive and Professional Distance Swimmer, Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards, Owner of the fast growing, Precision Performance Atlanta, are in this ‘DO less, Succeed more club!

These women are among the many who have rebelled against 10-hour business days, training until their bodies are wrecked, or being frantically busy simply because they have created a bad habit of being TOO busy! Instead, they have applied the 80/20 to their training and life, they have released the endless obligations and to do lists and embraced strategic focus, while trading busyness for what is authentically valuable!

Seriously, you’re too busy and stressed anyway, right? Wouldn’t YOU love to be a rebel for a cause? That cause being learning to add a lil’ lazy to your life, more success and freedom, and a whole lot more Zen and inspiration.

Let’s look at 6 ways to DO LESS, and at the same time, be MORE successful and happier!

1) Put Away the Perfection

It’s time to move from perfectionist to recovering perfectionist!! OR, to an excellence drive lifestyle to be precise!

I’ve become a part of this cool-kitten club excellence club, my clients have as well, and now the invitation is being extended to you.

This action is pivotal in any journey to greater happiness and over all calm living. I know, you just can’t seem to help yourself in the realm of ‘striving for perfection’ and a go-go-go attitude. You go the extra mile… and then 5 more. You want a perfect 10.0 score on the ‘test of life’. You just love adding things to your OCD lists, just for the satisfaction of checking things off! You’re more than tempted to multi-task, though we all know that multi-tasking is just an invitation to do several things poorly all at once and with little focus!

Uh oh! Did I push a hot button? It is true, multi tasking is never favorable. But, but… Shawn… never. There is an ass ton of research that supports single minded focus to always be superior. Would you try to run, swim or bike while reading a book or writing your grocery list? Then why would it seem useful to check email while having six other applications open to split your focus?

Ok, this isn’t about multi ta