Female Business Owners Are Drowning In To Dos. Try These 5 Actions to Set Yourself & Your Busine

Like many female business owners, (maybe even you), I used to spend far too much time in the first years of business feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, while being time-starved, and wearing more hats than the Mad Hatter!

Emphasis on Mad… You know, like loco, coo-coo, loony, losing my nut. Ok, now I’m just bring silly!

And what was worse (embarrassing actually), my job in part then, and now, is to teach principals of peace, success as a lifestyle, passionate productivity and deep fulfillment. Living like this, wasn’t always the case for me!

Fortunately, I’m a pretty quick study and fabulously stubborn. As such, I was determined to find ways to truly live stress free and be a calm, empowered leader in my business and in my life. And I did, and still do, mean FREE. Free of chronic stress, overwhelming overwhelm, jittery anxiety, the curse of perfectionism, and the ‘wake up in the night thinking about all that I had to do’ fears and worries. I was after complete and utter freedom, and this same freedom is what I want for my clients and you.

For me, the combination of my manic mind and an almost constant striving for the ‘illusive perfection ghost’, felt more like an emotional prison than ‘Liberated Living.

Fast forward to the present… And it has been a delicious 10 years + since I committed my whole self to designing my most precious life. What a treasure. Of course, life grows and evolves each year, while adding fresh layers of love, joy, significance, contribution, connection and passion. And simultaneously, subtracting ideas, thoughts, behaviors, processes and actions that I have outgrown or no longer serve my best efforts.

There are 6 Keys to eliminating Stress, Overwhelm, Loneliness, and Frantic Monkey Minded Thinking. I want you too, to create and live your most precious version of life.

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Live Free Actions!

6 Habits to Set Yourself Free!

1) Put Away the Perfectionism

It’s time to move from perfectionist to recovering perfectionist!! OR, to an excellence drive lifestyle to be precise!

I’ve become a part of this cool-kitten club, my clients have as well, and now the invitation is being extended to you.

This action is pivotal ladies. I know you just can’t seem to help yourself in the realm of ‘striving for perfection’ and a go-go-go attitude. You go the extra mile… and then 5 more. You want a perfect 10.0 score on the ‘test of life’. You’re more than tempted to multi-task, though multi-tasking is just an invitation to do several things poorly all at once and with little focus!

Eventually, perfectionism drives us until your brain, body, and spirit are fried, tapped out, strung out, fatigued, exhausted!

The differences between perfectionism and an excellence drive lifestyle are HUGE. Perfectionism includes: