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Stop Fighting To Be Right, Right Fighting-Part 3

It’s time to retire your right-fighting gloves!

Take Action! 6 tips to rid yourself of this nasty little habit!

1) Acknowledgment! Become aware of right-fighting tendencies and notice how tempting it is to engage. Begin to imagine what life might be like if being right didn’t matter. Begin acknowledge to yourself and others when you engage in this behavior.

2) Solutions. Seek an elegant solution. Great leaders of a home or business seek to solve, not win!

3) Reflection! Reflect back on past right-fighting scenarios, “what was the outcome? If you succeeded in being right, how did “winning feel”? Was the perceived victory worth tearing a co-workers, spouse, friend, or your children down? Usually, even the “winner” of right-fighting ultimately feels badly. Work on remembering this during times of temptation!

4) Worthiness! Remind yourself of your unchangeable value and worth during arguments, conflict and disagreements, even if you don’t fully believe it. This will slow you down in the heat of the moment.

5) Opinions. Allow others to hold one opinion and you another without feeling challenged. Validate others’ opinions/beliefs as equally valuable. This needn’t mean agree, it simply means you value other human beings.

6) Get help! Enlist the help of others if necessary. Find people who can gently remind you of this challenge or hire a coach if habits like this or others persist.

Ultimately right-fighting is merely a habit which needs dissolved and replaced!

Live, Love Laugh…

Thanks for your time!

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