Procrastinate No More! 3 Tools to End Your Procrastination

Procrastination is the opposite of living or feeling liberated. In fact, procrastination feels terrible and serves only as a way to beat ourselves up! So why do people procrastinate? Is it laziness? Lack of willpower or drive? Forgetfulness maybe?

If you procrastinate often, you’ve likely heard every kind of criticism there is, from laziness to low motivation. You may even feel like procrastination is a moral crime. Yet, laziness, low motivation, lack of willpower or even desire are rarely at the root of procrastination. Unfortunately, procrastination is widely misunderstood, BUT also easy to handle when you have the right tools.

There are 3 tools that all but guarantee a cure to procrastination: Delegation, Systems Thinking, and Chronological Succession. Let’s break it down…

1) Delegation

Grab a seat, as the following statement will come as a complete shock! WE DON’T DO WHAT WE DON’T WANT TO DO! Ha! Big surprise right? We naturally procrastinate with that which we don’t enjoy, don’t want to do, or aren’t proficient with.

There are people who are naturally better than others at starting and completing low-interest tasks. In any job or home life for example, there exists tasks we don’t want to, yet they are ‘part of the gig’.