3 Tips To Increase Your Down Time

It seems that ‘down time’, rest, recovery, and relaxation have become a distant memory… that is, if you ever experienced it in the first place!

I mean seriously, what gives ladies? Have we lost our minds? If you haven't already, you might be on your way!

And worse yet, we ladies literally believe (in full or in part) that being busy, stressed and exhausted to the point of mental and emotional collapse proves one's value, worth or importance. Which is a key reason women put themselves through the ringer.

"Women have birthed some really crappy habits out of really good intentions."

It’s time to recognize the dire importance of down time. Embracing rest, recovery and getting pleasure out of life is not a frickin’ crime, it is your birthright. Here are your 3 ways to get more down time!

1) Down Time Priorities. "Consider this: ‘if I had one month to live, how would I spend it?"

There are only a small, but precious number of things, people, actions, or decision that TRULY give you extreme, heart-glowing joy, inspiration or a sense of deep meaning, fulfillment and purpose.

"Consider this: ‘if I had one month to live, how would I spend it?"

Your responses to this question should become your priorities for your down time. The vast majority of your life moving forward, should be dedicated to THIS list, self-care or to resting and relaxing! Why? Because it’s most valuable to you and you deserve to be happy!

We honestly have no idea when a loved one will 'punch their last ticket'. You can live life on your terms now, and create more space for what brings you joy, or regret not doing so later.

PLEASE, don’t be tempted to think it is impossible to live like this. I do. My hubby does. And many, many, many of my past and present clients do as well. Life can be a gorgeous journey, don’t miss it.

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2) Say No. Seems like a no brainer, right? After all, it’s just one tiny syllable…

We hear it echoed ALL the time!

N----O.... What the h*** is so scary about that