5 Necessary Ingredients To Craft A Life You LOVE

Do you have the ingredients necessary for living a completely, knock-out-punch meaningful and authentic life?

As a result of practicing the 5 ingredients for a FAB life (more about these ingredients in a minute!), these days, most of the time, my life is richer. It’s filled with increasing amounts of curiosity, creativity, adventure, depth, connection, freedom and most importantly for me - ‘feeling and believing like I am enough!’

I’m thankful to understand what it is to live authentically and from MY heart. I’m still learning. I fail plenty, and I still have to pick myself up from life’s pain and challenges at times, but I continue to take life one day at a time!

Below are 5 key ingredients to craft a life you love. Each will singularly, and collectively, add a great deal of meaning, joy, and ease to your daily experience while at the same time naturally reducing stress, anxiety, depression and many forms of escaping, like alcohol or shopping!

1) Cultivate Deep Connections

So how can you have a life you adore without feeling connected to others? Um, you can’t…

Humans are meant to feel a deep sense of belonging. To engage, feel close, be touched and feel included. Belonging could mean feeling connected to just one person whom you can trust and be open with, and whom will be honest, open and compassionate with you. Or belonging might mean being connected to a close nit group (maybe both!)

Without a real sense of connection, we become increasingly isolated, anxious and depressed, while at the same time, taking an inevitable turn toward escape behaviors. Soon, food addiction, alcohol, shopping, internet, pornography, social media, obsessive thinking and chronic busyness can take the place of the genuine connection and sense of belonging that all humans require and crave.

Take Action!

If you’re missing deep connection with your lover, friends, family or co-workers, begin cultivating it ASAP. I know it’s not always easy, but your happiness and overall life fulfillment depends upon it.

If you’re anything like I used to be, you may need to take off your ‘everything is great’ or ‘I’m just fine’ masks, put down defense mechanisms (like perfectionism, blaming, anger, emotional shut down, etc.), and peel away your emotional armor (anger, blaming, lashing out, resentment, silent treatments, and so on) so you can let people into your heart and so you can breach theirs.

Even if it takes 5 years to seek out your ‘peeps’ and community, or to build strong bonds, don’t give up on this one. And no more excuses like, ‘it’s so hard to meet people in ______ town’- which I literally hear every week! Meetup.com is an excellent resource for meeting people with any and every interest or hobby imaginable!

2) Hocus Pocus, Laser Focus

Laser focus might seem like an odd prerequisite for leading a life you adore, but it is quite necessary. Let me explain.

In the absence of deliberate focus, we don’t set boundaries, create meaningful goals, hold others accountable, or practice value-driven decisions and actions. Instead, we navigate life haphazardly; from one fire-fight to the next.