7 Tips for Eliminating Stress

Does your daily life resemble something akin to a run-a-way freight train? I suspect you fall among the 80+ percent of Americans who lead chronically stressed, overly-scheduled lives. Living in an exhausted, chronically busy, emotionally tapped out state has become the latest version of ‘more, more, more’, ‘bigger, bigger, bigger’, ‘better, better, better’. Keeping up with the Jones’s began with more credit, bigger homes, and more expensive cars, and has graduated to lifestyles that are literally making us sick. As with anything insatiable, it comes with a cost. Voracious appetites for more (faster, skinnier, perfection, busier, bigger, more stuff, career success, … and so on) as a lifestyle, is often crippling to the body, brain, emotions, and spirit. For most, life needs to make a swift 180 away from stress and business toward freedom, calm, clarity, play, engagement and down time.

Wouldn’t you love to stop and smell the roses? That is, if you had the time or where-with-all to notice the roses? Let’s look at ways to take BACK our lives!

1. Improve Your Eating Habits

MOST of us need seriously upgraded digestive health and seriously improved hormone health and blood insulin mobility to prevent the diseases that are on the rise.

Depending upon your particular body, you may need to find a functional medicine doctor to run labs and help with a plan. But MANY, if not MOST can achieve far better health by adding nutrient dense foods (high fat, organic proteins, and TONS of veggies), and a few key HIGH quality supplements like CoQ10, Vitamin D, DHA/EPA (omegas), and a quality probiotic (research and check with your functional medicine doctor).

Take Action!

Slow down. Eat nutrient dense foods. Take high quality supplements. Get plenty of usable fat (avocado, nuts, seeds, cold pressed coconut oil), eat slowly and chew your food to a pulp for goodness sake (STOP scarfing like a starving dog)! 2. Exercise, of course!

BUT, too much training can be extremely detrimental to your body and brain. Learn more about over training, and the HUGE propensity for most triathletes or other endurance athletes to over-train and way, way, way under-recover in Ben Greenfield's book, Beyond Training.

Take Action! Be at a healthy weight. And for the love of all that is holy, get 8-9 hours of sleep every single night!

3. Give Your Brain Some TLC

Your brain would LOVE a lot more TLC. TLC for your brain might include supplements that support or elevate neurotransmitters. It might require supplements like vitamin D, omegas, coQ10 or magnesium (which the vast majority of Americans are low or deficient in). The brain is delicate , plastic, flexible and easy to damage with environmental toxicity (eating non-organic foods containing pesticides, meats with hormones or antibiotics, or consuming genetically modified foods), breathing in pollutants, or drinking alcohol daily or several days per week, even as little as one glass of wine can be harmful depending upon your unique brain. Learn more about optimal brain health in Dr. Amen’s book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. Take Action! Understand YOUR specific brain, its challenges, and its gifts, then adjust accordingly. Know what it needs more of, less of, and why. The AmenClinics.com is an excellence resource. The brain is a tricky space to navigate, so please, contact me if you you struggle with any of the above and want support or guidance.

4. Balance Your Emotional Bank Account