Your Thoughts LIE: Then Lead You To Anxiety, Stress, & Upset? But, You Can Have A Peaceful Mind.

Yes, your thoughts DO lie. And they lie a lot!

It’s true. A great many, and arguably, most thoughts, beliefs and feelings are sneaky little LIARS that trick us into feeling anxious, stressed out and frustrated in myriad ways.

False negative thoughts are frequent; to the tune of thousands of misleading thoughts per day that then wreak havoc on your emotions, stress levels, upset, anxiety and frustration.

Have you ever thought about the possibility of thoughts, and you’re your emotions, being rooted in lies or falsehood? Do you practice questioning your thoughts, beliefs and feelings to make SURE they are legit, practical and useful? Or to see if any given thought is desirable and worth keeping and aligning your experience of life with?

As you begin to consider inner (even unconscious) thoughts, beliefs or feelings as consistent and frequent ‘liars’ might seem weird, frightening or even off putting! But, hang in and all will become clear.

I spend a significant amount of time with clients helping them de-construct their thinking, feeling and belief cycles, and then to re-frame or re-create them in order for their lives to become devoid of anxiety, depression, overwhelm, frustration, anger, bitterness, upset, chronic busyness, drama, chaos, resentment, over drinking, eating, spending, working or any other form of ‘over indulging’, and to remove unwanted situations, interactions, results, emotions, people, obligations and even bad luck.

The thing is, some people want to be very, very, very happy and super duper successful in their lives. Thus, deconstructing, reframing and recreating, as well as detaching from false thoughts, feelings and beliefs is THE way to become significantly happier and successful.

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Let’s break this down so you can get an idea of what the heck I’m talking about when I say that feelings, beliefs and thoughts are usually rooted in unreliability and lies!