Are Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From A Happy & Peaceful Life?

Letting go. Surrender. Release. Giving in. Emancipation. Freedom. Liberation.

What do these gorgeous ideas have in common? They are the essence of a content, happy, peaceful and inspiring life; and free of limiting beliefs. Navigating life from a position of letting go, keeps you from being held back from enjoying peace and happiness of all kinds.

Most people practice ‘letting go’ only under extreme, or extremely trying, circumstances. Yet, living in a state of surrender is the most ‘sane’ way to live. That is, if you enjoy emotional and mental freedom and calm.

Limiting Beliefs

I recently uncovered another huge limiting belief (LB) that was wrecking havoc in parts of my life. Once this limiting belief was revealed, I was then able to add a fresh layer of additional inner peace and happiness to my life. Before I tell you a bout this transformative experience, let me preface my ‘breakthrough story’ by sharing a little about limiting beliefs and the transformative powers available when revealed for the scoundrels they are!

Limiting beliefs are almost always unconscious and they, in effect, hold you back from enjoying the peace and happiness that is available to everyone. Limiting beliefs are frauds; wolves in sheep’s clothing. Fortunately, limiting beliefs are super easy to change- IF you’re willing to locate them! LBs lie just beneath the surface of your emotional well-being ready to pounce on you when an emotional trigger arises – like Jaws! When they surface and attack, it is much like a vicious bite which then elicits anger, upset, resentment, suffering, anxiety guilt and/or shame.

The evidence of limiting beliefs are the feelings, emotions, thoughts, words, results, experiences, and actions that feel bad to you. Limiting beliefs are the birth place of blame, apathy, anger, fear, shame, divorce, adultery, violence, aggression, job dissatisfaction, poor decision making, lack of assertiveness, boundaries or confidence, underachievement, lack of goal setting or goal achievement, and sometimes even injury and illness.

Honestly, limiting beliefs are at the root of any and everything which you experience as difficult, stressful, overwhelming or unwanted, or as holding you back in life, love, or career.

Take a moment to think back over the past 24 hours and consider at least two feelings, thoughts, and/or situations that you didn’t enjoy or want, or found upsetting. At the root of those situations are limiting beliefs. Though no doubt the LBs are unconscious at this time.

But, when you locate them (not always easy at first practice), you can re-arrange your beliefs and literally stop having similar icky experiences. Each limiting belief that is located and removed is replaced with happiness- which has a compounding effect on all compartments of life.

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Let’s look at the four basic parts of Limiting Beliefs.

1. Common Thoughts That Limiting Beliefs

Check out these examples of common thoughts and ideas where limiting beliefs lurk and ultimately trigger unhappiness and discontent of all kinds:

  • My boss (spouse, mom, dog) makes me so frickin’ mad (annoyed