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3 Common Habits Of The Happiest People

Interestingly, studies of illness, unhappiness, poverty and discontent in America out weigh studies of wellness, joy and prosperity by the thousands. If you want to feel alive, liberated, and experience unlimited abundance, you cannot spend your precious time or energy dwelling on the opposite.

All that you give energy to DOES expand, whether you want it to or not. Thus, there are two primary reasons as to why the ongoing dominant study of illness is flawed; 1) there are no solutions inside of problems, and 2) anything (ideas, thoughts, illness, etc,) that is given time, energy and focus will in fact grow and gain momentum.

Consequently, if it’s wellness of all types you seek to live, then the study of wellness, happiness and abundance should be given your full focus and attention!

It is in the study of what you “DO” desire that you can create and achieve more of what you actually fancy. In a country where seven in ten people take either anti-anxiety, anti-depressant or sleep medications (or all three), I’d say it’s time to place solid emphasis on the study and practice of happiness! Here are a few simple ways to increase your life enjoyment.

Always Be Up For An Adventure!

Happy people are open to new and exciting adventures of all kinds- Even when they feel fear, they refuse to let it stop them! Adventurous opportunities abound; change careers, start a business, play with children, climb a tree, learn a new sport, hobby or language, take a walk, travel, or move your family onto a sailboat for a year to see the world! Some adventures are simple, while others require extensive planning.

The point is to determine what types of adventure allows you feel fully ALIVE and INSPIRED, then add it to your weekly or daily life. This may feel difficult at times, yet the majority of actions are not. Adventure as a way of living happily is a fresh perspective on living!

Take Action!

Define three adventures that inspire and excite you and add them to your calendar over the seven days. Select two that are simple and one that requires a small measure of planning. Anything that feels like adventure to you is perfect!

Bask In Nature!

Spending time in and connecting with nature is a prominent practice of joy-filled individuals. It makes little difference whether you’re sitting, walking, biking or rock climbing- as long as you get out into nature each day. Lie in the grass and lose yourself in the flow of puffy clouds, or immerse yourself in a vigorous trail run! Regardless of how you connect with Mother earth, nature has much to teach and share. Inspiration and beauty is expressed in every surface of Mother Nature!

Take Action!

Get outside! Trade some shopping or television watching for a walk in the park. Eat lunch outdoors. Or take a stroll with a lover or buddy!

Love, Love & More Love!

Happy people fall in love with life daily! And since happy people spend very little time on thoughts and conversations like arguing, complaining or gossiping, it’s quite easy to be in love with life. Their hearts are fixed on fulfilling and useful conversations and quality or calming actions. Happy people build each facet of life so intentionally that loving his or her life becomes effortless!

Take Action!

Find at least one solid reason to be utterly in love with your life today, then hold that thought in your heart; anytime you’re tempted to stray from loving thinking or behaving, come back to the idea that connected you to loving life!

Being happy is a collection of intentional practices or habits that add abundance and joy to your experience of life; just as being unhappy is a collection of practices that detract from your life. The choice of what you practice is always available!

Cheers to Liberate Living! Shawn

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