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Let us help you wrangle, rehab or reset your relationship!

While this website may seem to be primarily dedicated to the ladies... you must know, we also love your hubbies … even when you don’t like them!

Relationships can become strained, disconnected, filled with upset and resentment and even extremely painful at times. 

Relationships don't come with a success manual. But, fortunately, Dr. Haywood has created one for you!

Dr. Haywood is a magician in the art of relationship rehab coaching.


Not only is she truly great at helping you to wrangle, rehab, reset, and HEAL the challenges, pain, upset, anger and resentment that currently exist in your relationship, she loves this work with all of her heart!

Top 3 Indicators That Your Relationship Is Headed Toward Break Up

  • Communication has turned AWAY from connection, collaboration, vulnerability and playfulness, and TOWARD, silent treatments, blaming, yelling, division and/or emotional shutdown.

  • Criticism, snark, dirty looks, egg-shell dancing and eye-rolling have replaced the majority of sex, cuddling, long walks, dates and hand

  • You feel more like distant roommates and turn toward others for comfort, emotional support, help, and attention instead of leaning on your partner.


"Lorne and I have been together for 11 years. During that time, we've both changed A LOT.  We come from classic "broken" families, and knew we were falling into unhealthy patterns. But honestly, we didn't know what to do about it.  We hoped there was a better way to be together, a way with less friction and more happiness, but we just couldn't find it on our own. 


Transformational is a big word, but it is the best description for the couples retreat with Shawn.  We went into the retreat with open hearts, and let Shawn guide us to a deeper understanding of our individual issues and how those were mixing together to create a 'Molotov cocktail' for our relationship.  I can honestly say that we have never grown so much in two days, and our marriage has taken a major quantum leap forward.

After the retreat, the positive transformation has continued in ways we hadn't dared hope, for myself, my husband or our relationship.  In the month following the retreat, we had 5 of the best days of our marriage. They have just ordinary days,

but so amazing. We are feeling SO in love and positive for the future.  The tools Shawn taught us keep propelling us forward and keep us deeply connected to each other.  I'm enjoying growing/learning every minute with my husband more than I knew was possible!  Shawn gave us the best present anyone could ever ask for - a stronger relationship with the person I've chosen as my partner for this crazy roller coaster called life".

 - Alexis Underwood, GA Pacific Executive, Loren Simmons, Sustainable Farming Expert

3 Ways to wrangle, rehab or reset your relationship!

  • Self Study Program

  • Couples Coaching (even if only one of you is ready!)

  • Couple Retreat (retreats include a single couple)

Liberation Is Beautiful...

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We have hundreds of happy and Liberated raving fans who have been through our Liberate My Life programs.

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What's The Financial Investment Of Liberate My Life Coaching & Training Courses?  And, Are There Scholarship Programs Or Payment Plans? 

Our online training programs range between $9.99 to several thousand dollars depending upon the program.  

Most programs offer early bird specials during launch periods.  

ALL training programs have a money back guarantee.

One on one coaching packages start at $850 for a 3 month engagement.

Payment plans are offered on programs with an investment of $499 or higher.


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