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Who Should Take Liberate My Life Courses, Retreats Or Hire One Of Our Liberation Coaches?

Women who are sick and tired of the rat race, the exhaustion, the stress and anxiety, the feeling like you're never enough, the can't get enough done lifestyle; that is crippling women - body, mind and spirit!

Our gorgeous LIBERATED LIVINg lifestyle Model teaches you to live (choose, think, create and behave) from your highest joy, impact, fun and success in all things, at all times.  


When Our LIBERATED LIVING lifestyle Model is in place, 3 main things happen:

  • CLARITY  unfolds neatly, making dozens of 'would be' decisions fall away, while 'flow' ensues

  • Stress, fear, anxiety, upset and overwhelm DISSOLVE

  • Blissful calm, wild inspiration and deep meaning evolve EFFORTLESSLY

Our LIBERATED LIVING lifestyle Model works in business building, career advancement, recouping dozens of hours each week, relationship and family development, and physical wellness. 


LIBERATED LIVING lifestyle training courses, workshops, retreats and coaching utilize our unique model for female archetype women who are ready to carve her OWN deliberate and meaningful path.  To take BACK her time, peace of mind and her sanity! 

We will teach you to slow down and live more, to work less and make more.

We'll teach you to have it all without sacrificing your emotions, time, health, family or SELF!​

Following Are The 7 Pillars Of The Liberated Living Lifestyle Model:

  1. Clarity Is Queen

  2. Self-Honor As Your Center

  3. Trim The Excess

  4. Identify Your Highest Impact

  5. Develop "Reboundability" Skills

  6. Define Emotional Self-Protection

  7. Experience Time Liberation

Happy Client


We have hundreds of happy and Liberated raving fans who have been through our Liberate My Life programs.

Click here to read some!

Are LIBERATED LIVING lifestyle Training & Retreats Legit?

I've worked with women (and men!) one on one, in trainings, workshops and retreats, and through online course offerings for 18 years. Helping women design and live their personal vision of her best, brightest, calmest and most successful life and career. This is my gift and my purpose. 

During these 18 years, I have honed and taught these strategies, not only to my darling clients, but to my self. In my old life, I too was anxious about my worthiness, success and body, I have run myself completely ragged in order to please and gain approval.  I have lived for men in hopes that they would rescue me. I have made every business building mistake possible!

Along the way... I learned to rescue myself! To say NO! To s-l-o-w down. To run my business (most of the time!) in 6 hours per day or less. I traded 'mothering' men for a vulnerable and genuine partnership and chaos for calm and meditation. I love my work and my life, but care for myself first and foremost so that there is plenty of energy, inspiration, creativity and love to share around!

Our team has been through similar journeys, and we will continue to journey on, learn, and teach... but we have each arrived in beautiful, purposeful and authentic places and have dedicated our work to ensuring that women just like you move from chaos to peace, build your most amazing business, and offload hatirs and patterns that  serve as obstacles.

Suffice to say, our team is deeply dedicated to serving strong, driven women - body, mind, business, passion and spirit.

As a result of our experience, education, expertise, and dedication to growth, liberateion happiness and success, we have created coaching and training programs with 'YOU' and your goals, challenges and dreams in mind!


Don't Leave Without Your FREE 10 Secrets Of Wildly LIBERATED Women!

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