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Reclaim 20 Hours Every Week In 30 Days Or Less! 


You are invited to a TRULY LIBERATING experience! 

Picture this ...  you've joyfully escaped the craziness, overwhelm or exhaustion of daily life... you're NOW relaxing with a hot cup of tea, enjoying vibrant conversation and fresh wisdom with Dr. Haywood, Meagan and a fantastic group of like-minded ladies! You're feeling at home and peaceful at the Rise Pilates Studio. And ready to learn how to gain (at least) 10 extra hours per week!

SO... ARE you ready to connect, solve problems and level up your life, free time and happiness?


YOU have been BOLDLY, perhaps spiritually, tapped on the shoulder! It's your inner voice! Remember her? She's been signaling you to get crystal clear, remove (not just reduce or manage) stress and overwhelm so you can play a bigger game with more focus, adventure, CALM and joy.


Isn't time to honor that voice and go ALL IN?


“After working with Shawn, I now run 2 very successful businesses and work JUST 6 hours a day, amazing! When I pick up my son from school, I'm done working & have plenty of time to play & connect. It's a dream come true!

– Jennifer Pete', Co-Founder & SlingShop, & Forbes Top Women Owned Business, 2016

Psst... Would you LOVE to shift your life:

  • Away from chronic busyness...
  • Away from challenge and frustration...
  • Away from chaos,, resentment, or conflict...
  • Toward POWERFUL habits and SUSTAINABLE change.

Is that a resounding, EXUBERANT, JOYFUL, or maybe even a TEARFUL - YES! 

Then Hip, Hip Hooray! We are going to have an extra-ordinary time together!


"Working with Shawn is an eye-opening experience. Prior to working with her, I felt anxious, and had essentially no free time. She has helped me completely turn this around. I can't begin to explain how working with Shawn has shaped my life, both personally and professionally." 

- Crysten Breita, Financial Consultant

When you have 20 extra hours each week​...

  • Get clear, achievable actions for reclaiming at least 10 hours of free time each week

  • Learn to remove many negative emotions so you can feel GREAT and save time

  • Have plenty of time for REST and PLAY

  • Join a sisterhood of truly like minded women

  • Feel POWER over your schedule

  • Leave feeling RENEWED and INSPIRE


"Shawn has a completely transformed my relationship with time, as well as my emotional life, love life and business!!" 

Parker Wallace, On-Air Host/Producer, Business Maven

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