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5 Millennial Habits To Beat Burnout, Thrive In Your Career & Become MUCH Happier!

What We'll Cover In This FREE LIVE 90 Minute Training:

relax stress free remove anxiety

Wake Up Feeling Calm!

Do you wake up already OVERWHELMED by the day ahead- worrying about how you will possibly get everything done, or where you'll find the energy to do it all?


Instead, learn 1 key secret to waking up feeling CLEAR, CALM & INSPIRED- ready to bounce out of bed and tackle the day ahead!


Ditch People Pleasing

Do you get stuck in PEOPLE PLEASING so much that you compromise your own well-being, even to the point of extreme overwhelm, stress or anxiety?


How to let go of pleasing, so you can RECLAIM your time & energy, but also be more effective and successful.


Get More Down Time

Does PERFECTIONISM consume you and steal far more time and energy than you'd like to part with, leaving you feeling burned out, exhausted and depleted? 


Uncover 3 POWERFUL tools to ditch your inner perfectionist so you can relax, be even more successful, and close your laptop guilt free at the end of a wildly productive day (without over-working :)!


Empower You

Are you BURNING the candle at both ends because you're afraid of missing out on opportunities at work or with friends?


Learn to prioritize in ways that EMPOWER you to choose what is truly best you, without sacrificing work results, and while climbing the career ladder faster!


Say No Without Fear

Do you say yes, when you REALLY want to say no- but have no idea how and are terrified of disappointing your boss or work mates?


Learn how to say no with CONFIDENCE, a clear conscious, and without FEAR.

Details & Bonuses!

Your Presenter: Dr. Shawn Haywood, Founder of Liberate My Life. 
Business, Career & Lifestyle ARCHITECT

  • When? June 10, 2020

  • Where? Join me on your laptop/desktop/mobile device


  • What time is it? 7:30 EST, 6:30 CT, 5:30 MT, 3:30 PST

  • How long is this training? 2ish hours (and plenty of time for Q&A)! 

  • Who is leading this training? Dr. Shawn Haywood

  • Bonus #1: You will receive a work-booklet the day before class for notes!

  • Bonus #2: Life time access to the recording of this fantastic training!

Can't wait to see you there! 
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