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Exclusive 2-5 Day Retreat for Couples

The Haywood House, Asheville, NC.

Each retreat is designed specifically for YOUR relationship needs & is for one couple at a time.

Your RETREAT will be scheduled once your application has been completed and approved.



Imagine several deliciously Liberating days of renewal, love, connection, vulnerability, clarity and LETTING GO. Combined with a Zen venue, crisp mountain air, and sharing a magical experience with your partner ...


(Even if you can barely stand him/her at the moment!) 

Retreat Dates: Your retreat is scheduled upon completion and approval of your application. 

How long is this retreat? Retreats last between 2-5 days. To be determined by relationship on needs.

Dr. Haywood, conducts Liberate Your Relationship Retreats for ONLY 12 couples each year. This retreat is in very high demand due to to it's wild relationship transformation success. Complete your application right away to secure a 2018 Retreat spot! There are 2 spots remaining. Click here to complete your application.

Retreat Lead By, Dr. Shawn Haywood, Liberated Living Expert at

You are invited to a TRULY LIBERATING experience! 

Picture this ...  you've joyfully escaped the craziness, overwhelm or exhaustion of daily life... you're NOW relaxing with a hot cup of tea, while enjoying vibrant conversation with Dr. Haywood.  You're feeling at home and peaceful. You and your partner have spent the day exploring the charming city of Asheville, and are now ready to dig into much needed retreat time to re-connect, solve problems and create a relationship that is comprised of  CLEAR DIRECTION, EASY COMMUNICATION, VULNERABILITY, WILD PASSION & JOY, PEACE, HARMONY & DEEP MEANING!

It really is just what the doctor ordered after experiencing trying, frustrating, painful or exhausting relationship challenges. 


It's time to go ALL IN and see if you really can create the relationship of your dreams! (Spoiler, you can!)

Want your relationship to shift in the following ways?

  • Move away from anger, upset, resentment, and conflict, to UNCONDITIONAL KINDNESS, FUN, & CARE?
  • To become an emotionally SAFE, COLLABORATIVE team that who creates and works toward goals in very MEANINGFUL and fun ways?
  • Uncover the ONE SECRET to living in COMPLETE HARMONY?
  • Discover passion and SEX (or sex-drive) again?
  • Become completely clear about the ROOTS of your challenges and ERADICATE them?
  • Rekindle the CONNECTION that seems to have faded into the past?
  • Live inside of a rockin' CONFLICT-FREE, JOY-FILLED relationship?

Is that a resounding, SCREAMING, even TEARFUL - YES! 

I PROMISE, anything is possible. I have seen a ton of magic & miracles.

No matter where you are currently, ANYTHING is possible. I have been coaching couples for 18 years and have seen every conceivable... and inconceivable problem and opportunity.


From general waning relationship challenges, to 'falling out of love' and extra-marital affairs, to forgetting how to be friends (or never were) and fighting like cats and dogs, to nagging, controlling, lack of family prioritization and passive aggression, to couples as business partners (and all that can go with it!), to blending families and open marriages, to couples who live in separate homes (by choice!), and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! 


No matter what you're facing, I've seen it and helped, not just over come it, but have taught couples to flourish in joy, love, adventure and deep connection!

"Loren and I have been together for 11 years, we've changed A LOT over time. We knew we were falling into unhealthy patterns. But didn't know what to do about it for many years. We hoped there was a better way, a way with less friction and more happiness, but we couldn't find it on our own. 


Transformation is a BIG word. But it is the best description for the couples retreat with Shawn. I can honestly say that we have never grown so much, and in just two days. 


Our marriage has taken a major quantum leap forward.


After the retreat, the positive transformation has continued in ways we hadn't dared hope.


In the month following the retreat, we had 5 of the best-ever days together. Just ordinary days by most standard, but so amazing, loving and peaceful. We are feeling SO in love and positive for the future. 


The tools Shawn taught us keep propelling us forward and keep us deeply connected to each other. And now, several months later, everything continues to improve at a beautiful, steady pace. 


Shawn gave us the best present anyone could ever ask for - a stronger relationship with the person I've chosen as my partner for this crazy roller coaster called life".

 - Alexis Underwood, GA Pacific Executive, Loren Simmons, Sustainability Expert

So why should YOU join this couples retreat?


  • Because relationships can be seriously amaze-balls! (OR they can be!) I am so completely inspired by my marriage partnership that I have to share our secrets with others! Chris and I share a partnership that has far surpassed our wildest dreams and expectations (by a million times). We are filled to the absolute brim with playfulness, adventure, passion, vulnerability, harmony, friendship, collaboration, and kindness... AND I'd love the same for you two! 

  • There’s no need to go it alone! Creating a path of ACTION toward healing, clarity and change within a retreat setting is simple and empowering, and will set you both up to be UNSTOPPABLE!  I mean heck, when exactly were you trained to have a profoundly excellent relationship? High school? From your parents? College? Friends? Doubtful... But, NOWis your chance! 


  • Get the support you need, while feeling EMOTIONALLY SAFE, COLLABORATIVE and INSPIRED. Give yourselves the gift of spending this DEDICATED time to learn, grow and craft YOUR most meaningful and joyful next relationship steps. Isn't your relationship WORTH the time and dedication?

  • And of course, you will have time to explore Asheville- You  can hike, eat incredibly delicious food, or float down the French Broad River! Plus, open your minds and hearts to the most transformational relationship experience of your lives!

"Shawn has a completely transformed my emotional life, love life and business life!! I now have the confidence to tackle any challenge. Our relationship has shifted leaps and bounds toward increased openness, love, vulnerability and amazing connection. I now have the courage and ability to speak my mind, say no, and set iron clad boundaries, and be deeply vulnerable. Shawn's ability to create realistic and approachable strategies to changing your life, relationship and your business are unlike anything I've ever encountered. She has incredible energy and passion for what she does and for the people she works with. Hire her. It’s the best decision I made, and it will be yours too!" -

Parker Wallace, On-Air Host/Producer, Business Maven

The Cuisine...


Consists of healthy, hearty fare. Local, organic ingredients - soups, unique salads, local, humanely raised meats, old world fermented breads, fruit, sprouted nuts & seeds, yogurt & house-made granola ... And if you play your cards right, scrumptious, gluten-free blueberry cobbler (with Haywood House grown blueberries)!  

During This Liberating Couples Retreat, You Will:


  • Learn to REMOVE (not manage) negativity like stress, arguing, lack of intimacy, communicaiton and connection, conflict, egg-shell dancing, fear & resentment from your relationship

  • Uncover unified, CRYSTAL CLEAR goals + a simple road map to achieve them- IE, get on the same page and move together!

  • Understand how to UNLEASH & ENGAGE collaboration, authenticity, deep intimacy & raw vulnerability

  • Learn to SEE ahead to avoid repeating the same ole' UNWANTED relationship problems & mistakes

  • Get a simple 3-STEP PLAN to LIBERATE negativity in the MOMENT to avoid negative downward spirals

  • Learn to quickly find your CENTER and rebalance super fast 

  • Create a CONFLICT-FREE relationship

  • Craft your unique style of HARMONIOUS communication so you can each feel unconditionally heard, & cared for

  • And so much MORE!

"Our vision of life and marriage is aligned now, which has removed a ton of stress and pressure. We take things less seriously and our focus is on play and love, with work being lower on the totem pole!  Julie is happier, which makes me happier!  We are both more approachable when it comes to problems, and this feels really, really  good.  We now prioritize better and take great care of ourselves, while also focusing on caring for each other. Married life is easier with the tools and a plan to navigate lovingly, vulnerably and confidently."

- Daniel Jessee, Mountain Bike & Adventure Maven! REI Director

- Julie Granger, Owner, PRISM PT & Coaching

Accommodations - The Haywood House


You and your sweetie will cozy up in this cute as a button 28' Airstream International. It sits on our .75 acre property surrounded by beautiful and fragrant  trees and flowers, and plenty of amazing fresh fruit and vegetable plants (depending upon the season!) 

And while you are just minutes from West Asheville, Downtown, Biltmore Village and the super groovy Arts District, you will feel like you are in a modern, secluded country atmosphere!

The Rewards...


  • You will be VERY happy together

  • Increasingly less conflict until it is GONE

  • MORE sex, passion, touch and intimacy

  • A renewed ability and connection to PLAY and ADVENTURE!

  • Remove UNWANTED negativity and strife

  • Leave FEELING refreshed, inspired, renewed and connected

  • Get connected

  • Revive your relationship so it can THRIVE! 

LIBERATE YOUR RELATIONSHIP RETREAT is a my new baby! These 2-5-day retreat events are designed to be a sacred space for couples who are READY for a PROFOUND shift in their relationship and life.  To move from stress to calm, frustration to ease, pain to peace, blame to intention, resentment to vulnerability, and confusion to crystal clarity and beautiful relationship success.


This workshop is for couples who are ready to stop struggling, stop being stuck in the same old habits, and who want to fly at their highest altitudes of couple-ship excellence. This experience is for couples who want to go bigger, deeper, jucier, happier and FREER! 

Venue - The Haywood House...


The Haywood House Meeting Space: features a large bright open space, with lots of cozy spots (inside and out) to relax, learn, chat, watch birds, sip tea, warm up by the fire... and enjoy yourselves ...

The main Haywood House space is open to anyone, anytime! 



  • 2 meals each day are provided + snacks & drinks 

  • Retreat manual 

  • Pre retreat worksheet for delicious preparation & to make sure we zero in on participants greatest needs

  • Accommodations during entire retreat

  • Fun give-a-ways!

  • Guided or solo hikes

  • Guided meditations


  • Location: The Haywood House

  • Address: Asheville NC, 28806

  • Arrival Day & Time: TBD by each couple 

  • Retreat Completion: After 4 pm EST- upon completing the final retreat session

  • Space is Limited to ONLY 1 couple at a time! 

  • Retreat Leader: Dr. Shawn Haywood

Retreat Investment 

Liberate Your Relationship Retreats: 

$3500- $7500 - Depending upon retreat length.

Partial scholarships sometimes available.

Email Dr. Shawn Haywood for questions and details:

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