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You are a combination of bold, ambitious, magnetic, driven, go-getting, perhaps overly controlling, prone to over-commitment, perfectionistic, spunky, caring, amazingly capable, hard working, unconventionally creative, fabulous, very loving --  a true warrior woman.


Because of your 'striving for more nature', you don’t always know where to best place or focus your efforts and energy, and often do not have a functional and useful life or business strategy, or even know what your most essential contribution is in each facet of life. Creating a unique blend of high achievement with too little meaning, passion or down time!


This particular type of amazing woman winds up being or feeling exhausted, frantic, frustrated, stressed out, tapped out, resentful or simple running around like a chicken with her head cut off!


She would LOVE to slow down, de-stress, take time for yourself, family and friends, read, hike, adventure (as you may very well be an imprisoned a free spirit at heart)… But this woman doesn't quite know where to begin, what to do first, or even WHO she is without the busyness, mental and physical exhaustion, stress or striving.


… so she proceeds down the path that she knows... simply because it is familiar.    


She is falls asleep most nights thinking about what she didn't 'finish', while beating herself up, and waking consumed with worries about 'what needs to be done for the day.


She is willing to face and own what isn’t working, and is willing to make changes when it makes sense.  And above all, she has the desire to create an extremely deliberate, joyful, successful and meaningful life.


I have a huge heart for this strong female archetype, for her gifts and her burden.

This business and its programs, retreats and workshops are dedicated to helping this woman capitalize on her contribution, gifts and opportunities; be completely emotionally clean (happy & well), while eliminating or seriously re-arranging all that isn’t working extremely well for her life, family or business / career.


Our company is called Liberate My Life because we are all about LIBERATION!  Our company is unique in that we work with a very specific type of woman with a tailored methodology that profoundly impacts each compartment of 'our lady's life', from stress to fem--preneurship. You are likely a good fit for our organization (ie, coaching, retreats, workshops, webinars, or online programs if you align with the majority of the above description...

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