4 Physical Signs You’re Stressed The Heck Out

Does your daily life resemble something more akin to a run-a-way freight train?

Living in an exhausted, chronically busy, emotionally tapped out state has become the latest version of ‘more, more, more’, ‘bigger, bigger, bigger’, ‘better, better, better’. Keeping up with the Jones’s began with more credit, bigger homes, and more expensive cars, and has graduated to lifestyles that are literally making us sick.

As with anything insatiable, it comes with a cost. Voracious appetites for more is often crippling- body, brain, emotions, and spirit.

Here’s the 411

Life is too CRAZY. SERIOUSLY. Your life is too frantic and crazy too (well, probably).

For most, life needs to take a swift 180 toward freedom, calm, clarity, play, engagement and down time.

Wouldn’t you love to stop and smell the roses? That is, if you had the time or where-with-all to notice the roses? Let’s unpack the layers of impact that frantic, freight-train living has on your emotions, body, brain and spirit.

1. Emotionally Volatility

Do you feel more emotionally volatile these days? Moody? Irritable? Sassy? Up and down? Anxious? Or depressed for hours, days or weeks?

People’s emotions are often fried because there’s not enough rest, deliberate breathing, short recovery walks, or conscious eating of nutrient dense meals (or even taking time to chew for Pete sake!). Really, there is hardly even any basic recovery built into each day, let alone the recovery our emotional (and physical) body requires to perform and support in optimal ways.

Emotional health is waning, and all forms of sleep disorders, anxiety and depression are on the rise. Even the chemicals or neurotransmitters that support healthy emotional function are being scattered like roaches.

2. Chronic Fatigue/Illness

Bodies are fatigued… Your body is very likely fatigued too if you’re living the freight train lifestyle (even if you can’t yet see the ramifications).

From frequent injury and digestion problems (heartburn, IBS, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, leaky gut, parasites, and MUCH more) to chronic pain and inflammation, to poor sleep, moodiness and even PMS- all signs of a stressed, fatigued or sick /ailing body.

Your temple is probably not getting many home-cooked foods like bone broth, organ meats, lean meats, and HORDS of organic veggies… daily… is it? But instead, whatever is fast and furious and fits into the 2.5 minutes given to hork down a ‘pseudo’ meal.Not to mention how easily we can dismiss our REQUIRED 8-9 hours of good sleep and frequent breaks throughout the day in order to have any chance of operating a thriving body!

3. Erratic Thinking

Our brains are running amuck with endless lists of to dos, which can easily lead to JACKED up hormones, and erratic thinking from sun up to far past sun down. Do you know the implications of this scenario? Blood insulin is one (um, does hangry ring a bell?), and the inevitable compromised brain chemicals and adrenal and thyroid problems.

Interestingly, our lifestyle, including things like alcohol, Red Bull and chronic stress (worry, anxiety, depression) can have devastating effects and damage on our actual brain shape, size and functionality. Often impacting our bodies levels of, and ability to create or regulate neurotransmitters – the ESSENTIALS of happy, successful and fulfilling living. Thankfully, most brains and brain damage can heal with time and the right rehab.

4. Spirit Depravity

And what about our beautiful spirits? This inseparable part is probably tired too and often neglected… It longs for meditation, long walks, and connection with mother nature - flowers, trees, mountains, waterfalls and rivers.

I might ask that, even if you are outdoors running, biking, paddle boarding, swimming, etc, are you soaking in Mother Earth with deep love and gratitude? Or are you out to check another item off your list?

What The Hell-o Kitty Can We Do?

How do we escape our stressed out lives? How do we recoup, heal and thrive in a totally blissed out way – Body, Brain, Emotions and Spirit, in spite of the seemingly social and cultural pressure to live in a chronically frantic and illness producing way?

And how do we embrace the freedom we long for?

Here is the way to start. Begin to systematically exchange, remove, delete, eliminate, and systematize EVERYTHING that doesn’t align with deep meaning, purpose, joy or optimal health, and add or keep ONLY