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Spice Up Your SEX Life By Engaging Your Senses!

Tuning into your senses, in my experience, leads to spicy, deep and gorgeously intimate sexual encounters! I’d love to tell you the details of when I first began engaging with Chris (my husband) in this way… but… this is an informational blog, not erotica!

Suffice to say that tuning into your senses during sex brings presence and passion into a bold new light! And there is a reason people refer to ‘mind-blowing’ sex as a ‘religious experience’!


physicality is amazing. From head to toe, our bodies are covered like a finely woven spider web with nerve endings that love to be caressed, tickled, kissed, teased and loved up! So the, isn’t it our duty to fulfill their wishes and desires!?


The purely physical aspects of sexual encounters are centered around your senses; smell, sound, taste, sight, and touch. As I coach clients in the realm of sexuality, I encourage them to practice losing, or immersing, him or herself in their senses. This helps people get out of their heads, (and to begin turning away from insecurity, fear or self-doubt), and connect to the pleasure of their body.


Begin by tuning into one sensory perception at a time. For example, during your next intimate or sexual encounter, you might choose to focus on sound. You will want to keenly listen for every single delicious sound and noise you and your lover make during intercourse; from the first kiss to lying in each others’ arms when finished. More sounds than you can imagine emanate during love-making. There are the sounds of skin sticking or sliding as your bodies collide. Playful noises resounding from your lips as they meet and make soft or passionate smacks. You can even tune into you and your lovers’ moans, groans, sighs of ecstasy, and every sound in between. The next time you make love, you can focus on your sense of smell; nothing spells home to a person like the smell of our beloved... Next, focus on touch, and then taste, and so on, until you become proficient in losing yourself through each sense, and connecting to your own body, as well as that of your sweetie during love-making. Soon, thinking, worry, fear and self-consciousness will fade into blissful connection and intimacy. Once you practice and become proficient in losing yourself in each individual sense, you can begin combining sensory focus to improve, deepen and expand each tantalizing experience. You will likely be surprised at how difficult it is to remain focused on one sense at a time, and by how often your mind is tempted to wander off! Your new aptitude for sensory focus will allow you become lost in an exquisite sexual encounter and lost in the beauty and depth of your partner. With practice, it mimics a type of meditation, which is designed to heighten sex and intimacy in lovely ways. Remember, every inch of your body is covered with nerves that dance with delight and amusement for a lover’s sensual touch (so long as you have instructed him or her appropriately)! Taste buds beg to be intoxicated with the taste of your lover’s skin. We ARE absolutely meant to drink each other in, to become lost in an abyss of sexual love, tenderness, depth and play. Thank you for joining me!

Cheers to Liberate Living! Shawn

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