Get More Down Time...

Work Less, Stress Less, LIVE More... A Lot More!

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Do you open your eyes in the morning already overwhelmed by the day ahead?


Do you consistently worry about how in the world you will get everything done?


Do you wish you could say NO... guilt free?


Do you long for time to connect & relax with friends, family, & alone?

Wouldn't you love to be energized & inspired instead of exhausted & distracted?

Are you longing for a day when you can just let go & feel free... all day long, every day?

Do you wish your business was more profitable while working fewer hours?

By Now, You're Saying To Yourself, There's Got To Be Another Way...?


  • Knowing exactly what to focus on in order to get the most strategic work done, with huge results, in just 6 hours each day...

  • Knowing exactly what to say 'yes' and 'no' to, and having the courage and emotional ease to do so...

  • Having an extremely simple and effective way to make the best decisions in every moment... 

  • Closing your laptop at the end of the day totally guilt free...

  • Feeling totally connected, fulfilled, calm, energized and filled with joy every day...

 This Is Possible!  And it’s The Life Hundreds of My Clients Have Created 


"... After Dr. Haywoods 6 Hour Training, my free time has grow by leaps & bounds! Working with Shawn has a completely transformed my emotional life, love life and business life!! I now have the confidence to tackle any challenge. And the ability to speak my mind, say no, and set iron clad boundaries. It’s the best decision I ever made!" -

-- Parker Wallace, On-Air Host & Producer, Parker's Plate 


The Big Myth In Life & Business

"You Can Have It All"

We hear it ALL the time, "you can have it all... and here's how..."


Sorry ladies, it's just not true. You CAN'T have it all (whatever 'it all' is anyway).


BUT, you can have something MUCH better...


You can have ALL that is truly GREAT and FULLFILLING for YOU.


Seriously, what does having it all even mean? Seemingly it means, so little sleep that we feel like zombies, so much stress that our bodies are crashing, so little free time that we feel totally depleted and sassy, (or grossly irritable in some cases!), and too little time or focus to engage meaningfully on a consistent basis with family, adventure, friends or even your pets! 


Don't know about you, but for me, that's a BIG no thanks to 'having it all'! 

I have helped hundreds of clients liberate their lives. To move from killing themselves to have it all, to gliding into a profoundly meaningful, inspiring, and slower paced, life- including working just 6 hour days.. 

The key to working 6 hour days, getting 6 times more done, and creating 6 times more relaxed and joyful is accomplished with 3 simple steps:




Define & Create Ideal & Sustainable


ChangeBelong to Yourself & Be Liberated 


Build Your Favorite Life With PLENTY of Free Time

(Details about these 3 steps below!)

Does this mean you will will feel like you are lacking in some facet of life or business?


NO, Absolutely not!


In fact, you will feel more filled up, accomplished and energetic than ever before. This 6 month program will take you from where you are - to where you want to be! 


There is NO reason to continue struggling, feeling exhausted or guilty, or being upset in anyway.


This 6 month will teach you to be PROUD of how you spend EACH day, week, and month. You will learn the following, and more:

  • Get a lot of REAL free time that works for you, (instead of just dreaming about it!)

  • Work a WILDLY effective 6 hour day

  • Get 3 ESSENTIAL strategies to get totally clear and focused


  • Make GREAT, stress-free decisions consistently and easily

  • Feel JOY and FREEDOM, instead of pressure and overwhelm.


  • Become LIBERATED - no more feeling like a prisoner of your life or work!


  • Learn the TRUTH behind what's keeping you too busy and overwhelmed.

BONUS: A live, 2-DAY Liberate Your Life summit will take place in September 2018 just for you in Asheville NC. This is an exclusive invitation to a select group (this is a $3000 value bonus!) 


“After working with Shawn, I now run 2 very successful businesses and work JUST 6 hours a day, amazing! When I pick up my son from school, I'm done working & have plenty of time to play & connect. It's a dream come true!

– Jennifer Pete', Co-Founder & SlingShop, & Forbes Top Women Owned Business, 2016




  • 6 month course 


  • 2, LIVE 90 minute group classes each month


  • 1, LIVE 60 minute Q&A call each month (This is super useful solving your specific problems)

  • Recordings of each class in the event you cannot attend a live session

  • 25 person limit (this sets the stage for plenty of personal attention!)​  

  • Each class will be accompanied by detailed handouts to assist your beautiful journey.

  • Get paired up with an accountability partner (optional, but strongly encouraged!) This will give you additional support, collaboration and camaraderie! 

  • BONUS 1: A live, 2-DAY Liberate Your Life summit will take place in September 2018 just for you in Asheville NC. This is an exclusive invitation to a select group (a $3000 value bonus!) 

  • BONUS 2: One individual problem solving session with Dr. Haywood (a $300 value bonus!) 

Make no mistake – you will get a TON of live coaching, training and attention here. 



Part 1, Months 1 & 2:

Create Ideal & Sustainable Changes

The 3-step formula for making your ideal life possible now! Honor your creative, adventuring, CEO, caretaker (even your inner diva!) – all your roles – and still have a successful business and a deeply meaningful life.

Learn the missing ingredient that will help you clarify what you want, why you want it and exactly how to create it in your life this year.

The one crucial step required for you to release unhelpful patterns and eliminate limiting behaviors to create a immediate breakthrough.

Create a boundaries blueprint that eliminates feelings of guilt and shame that come with giving too much and breaking your own promises - so that you can stand in your power, honor yourself and get more of what you want.

Word for word scripts on how to set your say NO guilt free, set boundaries around hours, family, self-care – and everything in between – we’ll even role play to show you how it works.

Part 2, Months 3 & 4:

Belong to Yourself & Be Liberated 

Create a complete support plan with the 'fabulous five' so that you know exactly how to reach out for support and get more done than ever before.

The 3 essential steps to determining the best ways and times for you to work so that you get your work done on time and with pleasure.

The 3 rituals that get you back in the game when you get overwhelmed and off track.

The rarely talked-about secret to managing time, boundaries and that horrid to-do list so that you can work efficiently every single day and get so much more done (believe me – this section might just change your life).

The simple 3 step process to consistent deep self-love, self- compassion and daily calm and inspiration.

Part 3, Months 5 & 6:

Build Your Favorite Life With PLENTY of Free Time

The 3 rules of success and how implementing them can make your business or career so much easier.

How to organize your weeks – so that you can start the day with a workout and self -time, end the day with family time and honor all of your roles and boundaries.

How to organize your day – so that you feel rested and inspired at the start of your day and accomplished by the end of your day.

The 3 essential steps to determining the best ways and times for you to work a 6-hour day, so that you get your work done on time and with pleasure.

3 essential elements for ensuring excellent focus, simplified systems, calm and happy emotions and plenty of free time

My PERSONAL Guarantee:

I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the information delivered in the LIBERATE YOUR LIFE Program. If for some reason this course doesn’t meet your expectations, you’ll have 30 days from the start of the first

to ask for a refund. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and return it to prove that you’ve been on the classes since we don’t refund money for non-participation. There will be no refunds considered once the first 30 days (2 classes and 2 Q&A class) is complete. If you follow these steps, you can absolutely receive a full refund. You have my word on it.

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You work long hours, and have no desire to work less

  • You're currently managing your time, stress, and anxiety but aren't yet ready to solve problems

  • You currently complain, blame or numb out to problems, but aren't yet interested in solving them

  • You're not yet willing to invest your heart & mind to becoming clear, focused joyful & successfully 

This course IS for you if...

  • You're not sure how, but you want to work 6 hour days, and have plenty of free time!

  • You are ready to solve your big problems once & for all

  • You want to be majorly effective (instead of busy) & have plenty of time to rest, play, adventure & ____  (fill in your own beautiful blank).

  • You are ready to be emotionally and mentally FREE


Raving Fan...

"Shawn has given me several "aha" moments that have forever changed the way I operate my business, marriage and life. I'm a happier, more confident, more successful and have a great deal more free time! ... Shawn's advice focuses on your present questions and hurdles while keeping your long-term goals in a high priority."  

-- Jenny Gerstenzang, Attorney, Gerstenzang Law:


1 Payment of $1999 or

6 Installments of $339



1 Payment of $2999 or

6 Installments of $519


  • Access to all 18 live classes

  • Recordings of every class

  • Bonus #1: Participation in a one day VIP event in Asheville NC!​​ (a $3000 value bonus!)

  • Bonus #2: One individual problem solving session with Dr. Haywood (a $300 value bonus!)

  • 3 PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONs WITH Shawn –This is a 1-on-1, private is where Shawn helps you address your specific and individual needs – complete with identifying your specific roadblock, limiting beliefs, and biggest opportunities and goals in business and at home, and a specific plan to achievement!

  • Access to all18 the live classes

  • Recordings of every class

  • Bonus #1: Participation in a one day VIP event in Asheville NC!​​ (a $3000 value bonus!)

  • Bonus #2: One individual problem solving session with Dr. Haywood (a $300 value bonus!)

  • 4 ADDITIONAL PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS WITH Shawn –This are 1-on-1, private sessions where Shawn helps you address your specific and individual needs – complete with identifying your specific roadblocks and roadmap! So you can leverage you biggest opportunities and goals in business and at home. (a $1200 value)



First Class Kicks Off: September. Class time: 12:30 pm EST 

Full details will be emailed to you upon completion of registration.

I can't wait to meet you! 

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Meet Your Host, Dr. Shawn Haywood

Dr. Haywood believes in living free, liberated and happy. Her life is dedicated to living what she teaches with a full and loving heart. She works an average of 6 hours each day, exactly as she teaches. 


For 18 years, she has practiced and honed the skills she teaches to her clients. Stripping away confusion, obscurity, old baggage and obstacles in order to arrive at powerful and beautiful life is her own practice and work with her clients.


Her philosophy stems from the idea that all things and people are connected, impacting, dynamic and malleable. Her formula for defining, carving a path to, and ensuring success applies to life-fulfillment, business strategy, self-care and relationships. 


Shawn and her team work with people to remove that which is not working or causing problems, while simultaneously crafting the most thrilling expression of liberated living, working, connecting, teaming, and value and cultural development!


Over the next 6 months, Shawn will help you build a powerful, effective toolbox to craft a powerful 6 hour day, with 6 times more effectiveness, and 6 times more relaxation and joy.