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10 Week, Ultimate Guide To Eliminate

Stress, Anxiety, Fear & Overwhelm!

Program at a Glance...:

  • 10 Weeks

  • Wildly Clear, practical, effective & Specific Actions

  • No More Than 5 Minutes Each Day

  • New Lesson Delivered To Your Inbox Each Monday for 10 Weeks

  • $29 Investment

  • Guaranteed Results!

Imagine 10 weeks of deliciously Liberating tools to help you eliminate Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm, Fear & Worry--- PERMANENTLY! 

I'm In, Sign Me Up Now!

You are invited to a TRULY LIBERATING experience! 

Picture this ... It's October 9th, you've joyfully escaped the craziness of day to day life, work, family and a 'too-busy' summer ... you're NOW relaxing in a cozy space, enjoying a warm mountain breeze, with a cold glass of fresh rosemary, mint tea... or a glass of wine!


At the same time, you're enjoying vibrant conversation with a group of fabulous ladies, whom you feel truly at HOME with, (perhaps for the first time in a long time). You've spend the day exploring the charming city of Asheville, and are ready to dig into much needed retreat time to finish 2019 with INTENTION, FORWARD MOVEMENT, CLARITY, FOCUS, GROWTH and SELF HONOR!

"An extraordinary experience. I used to be a complete chronic stress case and worry wort! Shawn has helped me literally transform the way I think so that I could remove the vast majority of stress, upset and worry in my life and business. I now take powerful action over how I feel - consistently! So much of the fear that I was taught as a child is no longer in my life, and it feels so good and empowering. This is really great program, I would have paid 10x the amount for the results I got."

 - Jessica Caballaro, Record Breaking Atlanta Realtor


“Shawn is like no person I have ever met or worked with. Part of her genius is her ability to hone in on complicated situations with amazing insight, and ask questions that elicit clarity and action.

 - Jennifer Pete', Co-Founder SlingShop &, Forbes Top Women Owned Business, 2016


Psst... Are you someone who WANTS:

  • To STOP being ruled by stress, fear, anxiety, worry and upset?
  • To effortlessly KEEP self commitments to things like; eating healthy, less stress or anxiety, fitness routine, more rest and relaxation, or heart-centered goals...?
  • To live FREE of drama, stress, chaos, fear, loneliness and anxiety (I PROMISE, this is totally possible)?
  • To feel FREE? 
  • To SQUASH inner critic, the babbling or other icky voices that derail your best efforts toward connection, belonging, success, peace and happiness?

Is that a resounding YES! 

Then Hip, Hip Hooray! We are going to have an extra-ordinary time together!

I'm In, Sign Me Up Now!

During This Liberating 4-Day Retreat, We’ll Cover Topics Such As...


  • The Truth of WHO you are as a feminine goddess 

  • Gaining CRYSTAL CLARITY around ultimate emotional liberation + a road map to get there

  • How to SEE ahead & COURSE CORRECT to prevent repeating UNWANTED experiences, results and feelings

  • To LIBERATE negative emotions quickly and effectively in the MOMENT to avoid negative downward spiraling

  • STOP giving a SHIT about others opinions!

  • SURRENDER as a PRACTICAL and TANGIBLE tool for liberated living

  • Learn to make friends with STRESS, and ultimately remove it!

  • How to find your CENTER and rebalance super fast 


Benefits Of Your Sisterhood Retreat...


  • Leave with a crystal clear plan for creating results that really MATTER

  • Receive simple, practical tools to solidify greatly increased happiness & fulfillment

  • Bond with a fresh sisterhood of truly like minded women (women from my retreats ALWAYS become incredibly close friends- so lovely)

  • A renewed ability & connection to PLAY & ADVENTURE!

  • Learn the secrets to unleashing & living in your feminine goddess power 

  • Know how to remove unwanted negative emotions completely (instead of manage them)

  • Leave feeling refreshed, inspired, renewed & connected

"Working with Shawn has changed my life, both personally and professionally. I'm a small business owner with big dreams, and until I met Shawn I struggled with sticking with a plan to execute. Shawn's approach accelerated me. I can't describe how beneficial having a clear cut plan of attack combined with the accountability of working with Shawn has changed my entire outlook on life and what I can create.


- Erika, Owner, Hawkins & Clover Salon 

Retreat Agenda Sneak Peak Preview!

Power Of Clarity 

  • Crystalize your IDEAL 12 path with focus, ease, meaning and reward  (In other words, get set up to kick a** and succeed bigger than ever!)

LIBERATED LIVING SISTERHOOD is a my baby! This 4-day RETREAT is an amazing sacred space for women who are ready to welcome the next profound shift in her life.  To move from stress to calm, frustration to ease, pain to peace, busyness to intention, and confusion to crystal clarity of focus and purpose.


This retreat is for women who want to go even bigger, deeper, jucier, happier and FREER! 

10 Week Ultimate Guide To Eliminating (NOT MANAGING) Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Worry & Upset! 


  • 10 weeks of 10 lessons

  • Bonus Guide: 10 Secrets To Become Wildly Successful & Happy

  • Email Support with Dr. Haywood to Answer Questions You Might Have

I'm In, Sign Me Up Now!

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If you do not find the ideas in this workshop to be useful, a full refund will be made available.

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