So many of the people I work with as clients, wake up ALREADY OVERWHELMED at the day ahead.

Women get to adulthood with way too many false ideas about relationships (so do men for that matter)! These false ideas, beliefs, and ultimately expectations, lead to challenges that can create a great deal of frustration, loneliness, resentment and disconnect from the...

“I am so stressed out (sigh of exhaustion… or perhaps even a bit of defeat).” Sound familiar? Has this thought or similar crossed your mind recently? YES?

Most people today are obsessed with, even addicted to, DOING. and being busy; work, fitness, cleaning, partying, talking, errands, thinking, projects, sex, pornography, drugs...

December 21, 2016

Limiting beliefs that color our experience of life in upsetting ways. And they make life much more difficult than it needs to be. Learn about how limiting beliefs are holding you back from be happier and more at peace than you could be!

July 14, 2016

The notion and desire of work-life balance is an interesting one, and a bit misleading as well.  What people actually mean when they report needing, ‘more work-

We DO too much. We all know it’s true.  Yet we continue to sign up for the ‘go-go-go, work-work-work, more-more-more’ pseudo game of life with little questioning anyway.  And even when we’re not on the go, striving to mark things off of the endless to do list, trainin...

Look around at the people nearest you. What do see? Are their eyes filled with excitement, adventure and inspiration? Or do you see something more akin to the z

This time of year, client after client, and the frustrating echo of family-induced emotional eating fills my client calls, inbox and FB messenger!  It’s just t

While my regular readers know the unbelievable joy, vulnerability, connection and love Chris and I share in our marriage, what people may not know is that we ha

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