Look around at the people nearest you. What do see? Are their eyes filled with excitement, adventure and inspiration? Or do you see something more akin to the z

While my regular readers know the unbelievable joy, vulnerability, connection and love Chris and I share in our marriage, what people may not know is that we ha

October 13, 2015

My husband, Chris, and I recently experienced an extended effort in attempting to make a shame-based decision- it took 11 months to be exact! We needed to find

Tuning into your senses, in my experience, leads to spicy, deep and gorgeously intimate sexual encounters! I’d love to tell you the details of when I first bega

Raise your hand if you think you possess habits that are crushing some amount of love and affection between you and your sweetie… Are you raising your hand? Yo

You may not agree with this somewhat controversial idea, but what is life without a bit of controversy! As you read, do your best to keep an open mind, and read

Why do women (and often men) seem to get so little of what they want from their love relationships, especially as time wages on?  We've heard it all before, Men

When Chris and I decided to sell our belongings, purchase an Airstream, and hit the open road a year ago, I never could have imagined just how extraordinary the

Most of us arrive at adulthood with at least a few terrible habits (I think I had a few hundred)! Of course we arrive with myriad good habits and qualities as

The way I "do" my life and business today is also, in many ways, the reason I received C's and B's through middle school and high school! Doing extra work for t

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