August 19, 2016

Do you have your head buried in your phone, computer, or even in your own thoughts more often than not?  Has social media, gaming (phone or console), texting, checking email, surfing porn, internet shopping or other technology taken over more than 1-2 hours of each day...

July 14, 2016

The notion and desire of work-life balance is an interesting one, and a bit misleading as well.  What people actually mean when they report needing, ‘more work-

When Julie became a client, she was existing within a number of challenges that made daily joy, calm, passion and inspiration consistently seem ‘out of reach’. Julie was struggling with an all too common collection of ‘stuff’ that strong, high achieving women experienc...

Tuning into your senses, in my experience, leads to spicy, deep and gorgeously intimate sexual encounters! I’d love to tell you the details of when I first bega

"If you want to feel happy, focus on joy! If you want to feel crappy, focus on crap!" Isn't it interesting that there are literally thousands upon thousands of

When Chris and I decided to sell our belongings, purchase an Airstream, and hit the open road a year ago, I never could have imagined just how extraordinary the

The way I "do" my life and business today is also, in many ways, the reason I received C's and B's through middle school and high school! Doing extra work for t

Would you like a very simple formula to raise revenue, sales, profit, and leadership effectiveness? Consider this… Just 20 percent of your company’s business

Would you like your relationship to last a lifetime? It can. Loving partnerships are far less complex than we make them! Try out some of the tips below and watc

Do You Procrastinate but wish you didn’t? Below are 3 tips to help you understand and free yourself from shackles of procrastination while simultaneously impro

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